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How to Overcome the Limitations of Casino Gambling in Indonesia

Asia is fast becoming a gambling epicentre, but it seems like Indonesia is not quite keen on joining the bandwagon.

As a Muslim predominant country, the Sharia law does not allow consumption of alcohol, neither does it recognise gambling.

To date, casino and gambling activities are not allowed in Indonesia, and you are unlikely going to find any betting shops in the country.

However, thanks to the internet there is a lot of possibilities nowadays, and even though casino gambling is not allowed in Indonesia, many gamblers have an option to play online with the help of VPNs.

Although it may look contradictory to some, online gambling has become quite popular, especially to those that fully understand the English language.

With easy access to the internet, many gamers are now able to connect with the world, despite the strict restrictions.

There are many reasons why Indonesians feel the need to join the online gaming scene, and below are a few of those factors:

Convenience and Privacy

Gambling in Indonesia

Since a majority of Indonesians are Muslim, Islamic law condemns gambling. Additionally, this activity is also banned by the country, but many gamblers have found a silver lining in online casinos.

Online gambling assures players of both safety and privacy. According to ICE3BET, online slots remain the most preferred casino games in the country.

Most Indonesians have internet access, and with the help of PCs and mobile devices, players can conveniently play any game of their choice.

Availability of Online Game Varieties

Even if casinos were allowed in Indonesia, they would not offer as many options as those found online.

Also, these land-based casinos would only be accessible to players living in the cities, as far-flung areas are almost always left out, even in more developed countries.

Well, this is not the case with online casinos, and players get to choose a variety of games that they can also play for free until they are comfortable using real money.

Modern players have an opportunity to play a lot of online games like slots, bingo, blackjack, poker, baccarat, e-sports, keno and roulette.

This availability makes the online gaming industry quite attractive, especially to the younger generation.

Instant Wins!

With online gaming, all activities are instant, and this includes deposits, bets, and withdrawals.

Players don’t have to feel burdened by transactions that take forever to process, and with just a click of the mouse, it’s all systems go!

It even gets better with the option to use online e-wallets, and other forms of popular online payments like Neteller, and Skrill.

With the safety that is assured by these online payment sites, players in Indonesia do not have to worry about their money being traced to a gambling facility.

A broader Look at Online Games Available for Indonesians

The market is very wide, and players are spoilt for choice when it comes to online gambling.

Here is a look at some of the games that you can play conveniently from the comfort of your home:

Online Slots

This is the most popular type of online gaming/gambling, especially among the gaming bracket in Indonesia.

Slot machines like ones created by Pragmatic Play are loved because of their ease of operation, and with just the basic understanding, one can hop in and place a bet.

With a few clicks, you can instantly load money and spin the reels to make a quick win.

No technical thinking is needed here, and with slots, you get to enjoy both fun, and some profits.

Live Dealer Casinos

At the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people were scared to go out, and so most businesses moved their services online.

Due to the stiff competition that was brought by this sudden surge in online services, businesses had to devise ways of remaining afloat. This contributed to the increase of online live dealer casinos.

Live casinos are not new, and they have been around for a long time: however, the live casinos of today offer more than just gambling.

These online facilities work like the normal land-based shops, however, they come with a webcam that is pointed at the dealer.

Through the camera, you can see all that the dealer is doing. Actually, it is an interesting procedure, especially when he gets to pass around the cards to other patrons.

In the live dealer casino, you have the option to play a couple of games that include

Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker.

How to use a VPN To Gamble in Indonesia

Give the restrictions that the government has placed on gambling, players have the option to play anonymously with the help of VPNs.

It can be challenging filtering through the many available VPNs, but that need not trouble you anymore.

Gamble in Indonesia

We have put together a few steps that you can use to pick the most useful VPN for your online anonymity.

Since the government of Indonesia already knows the possibility of using a VPN, they have banned most of them. However, there are still a few that you can access and browse in private.

Once you identify one, just follow the guide that is issued by the owner to install, and connect it to your gaming device.

After successfully installing this, you can now go on to select a new connection from the list provided.

The most reasonable server would be one that is physically close to Indonesia and one that also provides high loading speed.

Once connected to the new location, test it by checking if it is showing a different IP address. This should correctly match the country where the anonymous server is located.

When all is done, you can now proceed to your favourite online casino, and place the bets.

Online Casinos That Accept Players From Indonesia

There are a couple of well-regulated online casinos that accept players from across the world, including Indonesia.

With them, you are in safe hands while placing your bets, with the guarantee that all the activities are genuine, and you are in safe hands.

These casinos include:

LVBET Casino


FEZbet Casino

HotSlots Casino

Winota Casino

Whether you want to try some slots, roulette, or other table games like Blackjack, these online casinos are a good place for Indonesians to safely gamble.

Final Thoughts

Indonesians Gamble

Many Indonesians may feel like they are missing out as far as casino and general gambling is concerned.

The issue may look even more complex when you bring in religious restrictions. As a Muslim-majority country, there is less optimism that the laws and regulations will be lifted.

However, this has not stopped online casino fans in this Asian country from engaging in gambling.

As you wait for the government to soften its stand on gambling, you still have a chance to enjoy unlimited online casino with real money games that include the latest slots, and table games.

Remember to work with only properly regulated casinos to avoid falling prey to the many scammers who masquerade as genuine casinos operators.

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