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How to Use Max Bet at Online Casinos

Online casinos are the easiest place to make some quick cash but also, the easiest way to lose to if not done properly. Have you come across the terms “The max bet rule” on your online casino? 

This is likely possible because it is a common term used by almost all online casinos and you need not panic if you ever encounter that. Surprisingly, even the old players in this industry still struggle to find their footing when it comes to Max bet rule.

Even as you look for huge bonuses on casinos like Slotocash, where a welcome bonus as high as $7,777 awaits you, or some free spins on respected online casinos like FezBet where the welcome bonus consists of 15 NO Deposit Spins (Queen of Gold) plus 500 EUR, it is important to first understand how the whole online gaming concept works.

We have created this post to enable you to understand what Max Bet is, and how to get the best with it. Betting should be fun and not a nightmare!

Understanding Max Bet Rule

One of the biggest mistakes with a lot of punters is the fact that MOST of them do not read the casino’s terms and conditions! Actually, this is the easiest place to find the Max Bet rule. Obviously, failure to read the fine print will result in a breach of the Max Bet Rule.

In simple terms, Max bet refers to a maximum bet restriction that the online casino has put in place when you are playing with an active bonus. As per casinos terms of service, you can only bet to a certain amount and if you happen to exceed the set amount, it will automatically bring you problems because you will have breached the terms of service. The highest risk that it bears is forfeiting both your bonus and the winnings.

Why would a casino do that? Well, we all know that casinos are also in business and this is one of the ways they are able to protect themselves from losing colossal amounts of cash to punters.

How Does Max Bet Work?

They say information is power and this applies to bets as well. Before you try out any online casino, always read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you come across something that is not clear to you, you can always confirm with the customer support.

This is one of the best steps to take and especially if you are a heavy punter and the alternative is not worth it.

What is Max Bet Protection?

As the old adage says, every cloud has a silver lining and with Max Bet, there is some protection to cushion you from making loses. The aim of the protection is to help you to work within the set limits and this is a great way of keeping your winnings.

However, check with each individual casino as none offers the same rule like the other.

Do Slots offer Max Bets?

Yes, most slots have the max bet rule because they offer different bonuses that also come with strings attached! However, deciding whether to go with the maximum bet is the million-dollar question.

To find success with such a scenario, you need to check the value of both the maximum bet in the slots and the maximum bet allowed. If you happen to have an active bonus in play and you find that the maximum bet is higher as compared to the maximum bet( in the terms and conditions), then it’s a safe bet to stay away from it.

Max Bet and the Martingale System

Martingale is a betting system that is common among online many gamblers. With this system, a punter can be able to double bets each time they lose, which helps in recouping losses. If the casino has not placed a maximum betting limit, high rollers are at an advantage as they can be able to earn back their betting losses.

Take as an example, you place a bet of £10 but unfortunately, you go into a losing streak and you end up with up to six consecutive losses. In such a scenario, you will need to use about £640 in your next bet. This is not a small amount to risk but if you are a high roller, you can use such an amount to place more bets and recoup your previous losses.

Advantage Play: How Online Casinos Minimise its Effects

There is a group of players who have mastered the art of eliminating/minimising the house edge. In betting, these are known as advantage players. Although most of these batches of players are commonly found on land-based casinos, there are a considerable number of them that have mastered the skill of online casinos.

There are those who take advantage of the many bonuses offered by online casinos while others find success by using rare games that offer house advantages. However, regardless of the tactics that you use to gain the house advantage, most online casinos put a limit on the amount you can win and this is by imposing a max bet.  

High Roller Casinos And The Max Bet

High Roller casinos have one thing in common and this is to work with punters with a huge appetite for risk. If you are a high roller and you are looking for ways to earn impressive profits, then you may consider the high roller casinos. 

With these types of casinos, you have two options and the first is to look out for a casino that allows its VIP customers to bet with huge amounts. The trick here is to work with those casinos that have been around for a considerable amount of time and they have a strong online presence. Check the terms and conditions or offers for their VIP programs. It is common for reputable online casinos to offer a token of appreciation to their loyal customers.

The other option is to work with a high roller casino. Today, it is easy to find betting sites that only work with high rollers.  These casinos also offer a much higher max bet as compared to the average websites. One such site is PlayAmo Casino.

Best Games Choice For Max Bets

Casinos offer lots of game but it is important to know the ones suitable for max bet because not all are good for these types of wagering.  Below, let’s look at the common games in casinos and how to select the best for max bet.

Roulette max bet

Roulette is a good choice for max bet. This is because, with these types of games, you can be able to use a betting strategy to increase your chances of winning. With such a strategy, you have a high chance of reaping good profits from your huge bets. Reputable game developers like Microgaming have some nice choices like Premier roulette.

Slots/Pokies max bet

If you are a newbie with max bet, then a good choice would be to go for Slots or Pokies. These types of games have little rules and they are also less complicated for a beginner. Check out the list of slots that have the highest RTP rate:

Blackjack max bet

If you are good with card games, then this is a good choice for max bet. Blackjack players use a smart strategy to maximize their chances of getting higher winnings.

Can A Casino Close Your Account If You Win?

Often times, online casinos do not bother much with betting accounts that win little or nothing at all. However, betting accounts with continuous large wins may draw some attention from the casino.

Yes, if you violate the casino's max bet rule, it reserves the right to close your account. Before you use the max bet, remember to always check the terms that come with it.

For most casinos, to make a withdrawal, you will need to request a cash-out. This process may take between 24-72 hours (depends on the casino) as the casino checks your betting pattern. They will also need to be sure that you have met all the wagering requirements on the bonus.

If you have violated any of the terms and conditions on the max bet rule, your winnings will be confiscated and your account probably closed.

What If You Break The Max Bet Rule?

To avoid getting yourself into such a scenario, ensure that you work as per requirements because if your account gets closed, there is nothing much you can do about it.  

This may seem unfair; however, it is the only step that a casino can use to protect itself from fraudsters. Remember, e-commerce businesses encounter a lot of challenges like hackers who use sophisticated technology to breach their protective layers.

This could be one of the reasons that see most online casinos impose stiff measures that they use to play safe.

In rare occurrences, you may contact the casino’s customer care and challenge your case but it is not a guarantee that your account will be recovered.


Betting is an attractive form of entertainment because, with it, you have the potential to win large sums of money. However, casinos also know that the risk closing shop should punters continue to hit the jackpot, and that is why they put in place measures to protect them.

The most successful way to use the max bet would be to place bets on high roller casinos that have no problem with big wagers.

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