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How to Use Slots Bonuses to Your Advantage

Slot bonuses

Online casinos continue to grow in popularity with every passing day. Statistics show that more people are joining online casino sites as online providers become more and more accessible.

Where it was once a rarity, enthusiasts can play a myriad of games online today. This includes video poker, table games, online slots and more.

Of course, this popularity didn’t happen overnight. The increase in smartphone usage is definitely a key factor in the rise of online casino sites.

Experts say this is because casino games offer the same handheld entertainment experience as regular smartphone gaming apps.

An increased focus on mobile casino app development has also helped give players an immersive experience. This is true across both Android as well as iOS devices.

These advancements in technology allow players to make a wager from anywhere across the world and for all bankrolls. There are over 1.5 billion online gamblers today and the market is worth in excess of $66 billion.

The legalization of gambling in countries like France, Germany, and Italy has also helped.

Moreover, new technologies like the use of AR and VR in online casino games continue to revolutionize the online experience. Such tech makes gaming more immersive and much closer to reality, even converting players who preferred an in-real casino experience.

These signs indicate that the online gaming space will continue to see unprecedented growth. In fact, experts expect the industry to be worth $127 billion in the next 6 years.

Popularity of slot games

As mentioned above, a variety of games are now on offer. Among all of them though, online slots remain among the most beloved. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case.

The ease of use

The key differentiator between slot machines and other casino games is that slots are easy to understand and play. It is quite unlike games such as poker that require a particular skill set as well as knowledge of the rules.

With slot machines, you throw in some coins and hope luck is on your side! It is easy to see why the games are so popular across the world.

Slots are intriguing

Of course, all games are intriguing and evoke strong emotions. However, online slots offer quite an immersive experience which adds to the excitement.

Many online slots have custom themes, backgrounds, and settings. If you have an interest in sport or music, you can find games within those themes.

With audio and video effects, online slot machines are more exciting and fun than ever before.

Finally, these machines have been in use for decades and have quite a nostalgic air to it. For many, it reminds them of the recreational machines they spent hours playing as kids.


Slot machines are quite affordable compared to most online casino games. With slots, it is not about the biggest bet nor is it like a poker game. You can use just a few coins and get started playing.

This lower entry barrier makes it well suited for many casino fans. A little investment can go a long way and lead to hours of fun.

Additionally, many online casinos offer an impressive selection of promotions, discounts, and bonuses. These help casinos expand their user base by tempting new players while also helping retain existing players.

There are many reasons why slot games are popular, the ease of the game as well as affordable are two of the main reasons.

 For players, these offers, and promotions give them the chance to win much more if luck is on their side. Especially if jackpots are on offer, winning could mean a huge prize!

The most common type is the welcome bonus. This is where players earn a gift or bonus for signing up. This bonus though is just the tip.

Typically, the welcome bonus is 100% of your deposit, giving new players twice the cash amount to play with. There are various other more lucrative bonuses given on offer.

Keep reading for some of the most popular types of promotions.

Free spins bonuses

One of the most popular bonuses offered by slot providers are free spins no deposit, a promotion that allows new players to play slot games without depositing any money, therefore playing for free!

The player will not have to pay to play. After all the spins are used, the total winnings are added to the balance.

Sometimes, some providers state that winnings often come with wagering requirements so watch out. However, this rule varies between casinos.

Players like free spins. Most free spins are worth cents, but a small win could easily turn into a great withdrawal. That all depends if lady luck is on the player’s side.

Deposit bonuses

These are the most common types of promotions offered. It’s easy to understand it by the name alone.

These are bonuses offered to players when they make a deposit. For new players, there is an additional welcome bonus.

Existing players will be rewarded with regular bonus offers. Casinos use this to incentivize players to make a deposit. Players, on the other hand, enjoy additional cash amounts to play with and potentially win more.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are also very popular. Again, as the name suggests, these are free bonuses that are offered without any deposit clauses. The benefits vary.

Sometimes, it can be a handful of free spins. Sometimes it can be a free casino chip that players can use to play games for free.

No deposit bonuses are often given to new players. This entices them to sign up.

Seasoned players who sign up for loyalty programs are also gifted with this. One thing to note is that no deposit bonuses come with high wagering requirements and withdrawal limits.

Do you wonder why casinos give free offers?

By showering existing players with great offers, casino sites encourage the existing user base to stick with the casino house. As players continue to get rewarded, they are less likely to look elsewhere.

For new players joining, the welcome bonus and frequency of other bonuses is what will convince them at the end. After all, everybody is looking for value for money.

As technology continues to grow, we are sure to see online casinos and slot machines improve too. With online gambling growing every day, there is pressures on casino providers to offer better experiences, both in terms of user experience and gaming wise.

So, what developments can we look forward to?

Cryptocurrency gambling

Cryptocurrency is still growing, and cryptocurrency gambling is even further behind. But the sudden interest in cryptocurrencies thanks to currencies like Bitcoin and Doge is changing this.

Crypto is being used more often today and many gambling houses are now adopting it. This adoption is somewhat slow, but it is happening.

There are more sites accepting cryptocurrency today than there were a year ago. Some sites have gone as far as to offer services to only cryptocurrency users!

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and more and more gambling and casino operators are beginning to accept this payment method.

Use of VR and AR in online casinos

Some VR-enabled games are already available on a few gambling websites, but this is also in the early stages. While casinos have shown willingness in adding more games to their websites, the slow adoption of headsets has stalled this.

This problem is compounded by the fact that VR headsets are a significant investment.

AR is another aspect that’s quite exciting. Many tech companies are embracing AR and big things are expected of it.

AR is where the camera is used to merge games with our surroundings. Pokémon Go remains the most popular example of AR technology being utilized well.

The key benefit of AR is that no additional technology is required. Players only need their smartphone to experience AR.

AR does not require a headset, controller or glove requirement like VR does.

Live gambling

There is a growing preference among online players for live betting and live dealer games. The latter is generally available for favourites like roulette, poker, and blackjack.

In these games, online players sit around virtual tables and interact with a live dealer. This replicates the real-life experience. Some sites go as far as allowing players to talk amongst each other.

Live betting is another recent hit that is expected to grow. It is also called in-play betting or in-game betting. With live betting, players can place bets during a live match.

Live gambling definitely offers a much more thrilling and realistic experience than most other casino games. This is one aspect of online gaming that players should keep an eye on.

Wearable gambling

When gambling began, nobody expected it to grow further than land-based casinos. It then spread to the online world.

Now as smartphones erupted in usage, it has also shifted to the mobile market.

The next step in technology has been the rise in wearables like smartwatches. We can naturally expect casino sites to offer on-the-go smartwatch apps. This will improve convenience and allow for quick gaming.

As internet penetration increases and gambling laws are relaxed, we can expect substantial growth in the online playing experience. Slot machines continue to be a fan favorite, but other games are also quickly growing.

With the rapid inclusion of new technology, there are exciting times ahead for online gaming players.

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