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This new move could have been occasioned by the sale of its lottery and sports betting industries (the sale fetched $7,2 billion). The developer is now set to focus solely on retail terminals that will include iGaming innovation. These services will be marketed under Light $ Wonder.

Introducing Light & Wonder to the iGaming World

Scientific Games rebrands to Light & WonderThe aim of the transformation, according to Scientific Games, is to become the world's leading cross-platform global game company focusing on game production and utilising technology that provides a smooth user experience across platforms.

According to the firm, the planned cross-platform approach aims to provide top-tier game brands to players globally, including games in brick-and-mortar casinos, online and mobile, as well as real money and free-to-play social gaming platforms.

“We are thrilled to introduce the world to Light & Wonder, a company that will build great games and franchises that offer players a seamless experience across platforms”, said Light & Wonder Chief Executive Officer Barry Cottle.

“Our powerful new strategy required a powerful new identity to distinguish us and our unique offerings and capabilities”, Cottle noted.

According to the press statement, the decision follows a series of major strategic moves, such as the sale of Scientific's lottery and sports betting assets for $7.2 billion in late 2021.

The company's new name, Light & Wonder, is the culmination of input from major stakeholders and the company's strategic vision.

Brand New Website and Authorised Name Change

The company also announced the introduction of a new website that brings together iGaming and land-based casino products, services, and technology.

The new website address is lnw.com, which is already up and running and features a gorgeous and highly interactive online design with information on games, systems, hardware, platforms, systems, as well as user account management.