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It is most likely that you ended here in a bid to search for a clear solution as far as casino types are concerned.

If this is the case, you need to know that you are not alone as this is a quagmire that befalls many gamers.

However, by the time you are through reading this blog post, you will have gotten a clearer picture of the most suitable casino type for you.

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Now, what is the difference between download casinos, and instant casinos?

A download casino requires you to download software that you will then use to play the games.

On the other hand, an instant play website will only require you to access the games directly on your gaming device. There is no download required.

So now that you have some little information regarding this topic, let’s dig deeper into it:

What Device Do You Plan to Play With?

Instant vs Download casinoBack when developers were just starting to create games compatible with the internet, you could only access them via a computer.

However, with advances in technology, all that has now changed, and there are many options when it comes to gaming devices.

Whether you chose to work with an instant play casino or a download casino, the device of choice is of utmost importance.

Computers (Standard and Laptops)

Now that it is possible to play your favourite game via the internet, you will require the help of a gaming device to access these games.

Many players opt to go for either the standard computer or even a laptop as these two provide you with a larger screen when compared to a smartphone.

However, a computer may work against you on several occasions, especially since you need to sit behind it to access the games.

On the other hand, computers will offer you options for either the download or instant play sites. Actually, a computer has more options when you want to use the download casino as compared to using the mobile device.

Mobile Devices (Tablets &Smartphones)

Another way that you can access and play casino games is with the help of a mobile device. Actually, the use of tablets and/or smartphones has become very popular among many gamers.

Thanks to technology, you can access these games from any corner of the world without rushing home to sit behind your computer. Β The only requirement will be an internet connection.

Different mobile devices offer different casino types. However, many of them are compatible with both the download and the instant play type of casinos.

Consider the Games You Want To Play

No download online casinosThis is another area of concern that may be very surprising to many gamers. However, if you enjoy games like craps and blackjack, you need to check up the line-up of those games on both the instant play and the download casino.

The more options an online casino has, the better the entertainment.

Back when instant play sites came to life, there was a notable difference in the number of games that were available on those sites, as compared to the ones that were on the download casinos.

Actually, many players preferred the download type of casinos in place of instant play ones.

However, today, things have turned the other way, and there are far much better options with instant play than there are on download casinos.

Quality and Speed Are In High Demand

Back when casino games were not as popular as they are today, there was a very huge difference between the quality and speed of both the instant play sites and the download casinos.

Fast forward to today, technology has played a huge part in website development, and instant play casinos are as good in speed as the download casinos.

Due to the availability of instant play sites, a lot of players now prefer these types of the casino as opposed to the download version. This could be due to the convenience that they bring, as a player is not required to go through the entire download process.

However, for you to get the best with online casino games, it is important to use an internet connection that is super-fast. A slow internet has the potential to ruin your gaming session regardless of the casino type you use.

Another culprit could be your device. For example, if you are using a laptop that is a little outdated, it could cause lags on either of the gaming platforms due to problems with its processor.

If you love games that load fast and are top-notch when it comes to graphics and design, I would urge you to go for a download casino. Β 

Consider Live Casino Games

Live casino games give different experiences based on the type of casino used. The experience you get with games like chips, slots, table games, cards, and roulette wheel, is majorly based on whether you are using an instant casino or a download casino.

A lot of the most successful live casinos use High-definition video broadcast.

You need to consider if the casino of your choice has the capacity to handle the volume coming from such HD cameras.

If you are considering live casino, can you be able to hear background music or other communication from the live dealer?

Furthermore, can you be able to activate a web camera on your gaming device via instant or download casino?


To know the casino type that fits your needs, it is best to try both the download and instant play casinos. Do this while considering the information that I have shared above.

Although the difference between the two may not be very big, Instant play casinos seem to have an upper hand, given that you are not required to download any gaming software to your devices. This also saves on the device’s space.

To get the best services, make sure you pick a legitimate casino. How do you pick a legitimate casino you may ask?

Well, you can look online on reviews sites where they look into the details of each online casino. Forums are also good and you will get to learn from the experience of other players before you can commit to these casinos.

Online casino gaming provides you with not only entertainment and fun but some profits as well. However, you have to know your way around these games and master how they work before you can be able to make good profits with them.