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Progressive jackpot games are some of the most favoured given the substantial cash amount that they offer.

With the availability on the internet, you can get to enjoy games from prominent game developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. Most of these software developers are known to create games with humongous amounts.

Games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker are some of those that have the potential to offer a life-changing cash amount.

Below, we have put together information that will help you make wiser decisions that will help you in choosing the most beneficial jackpot games:

What are the Odds of Winning?

If you have been around for a while, you may be aware of the fact that your odds of winning a progressive jackpot are very slim. This is because the amount featured by such games is very low.  

A lot of gamers are of the view that the bigger the jackpot amount, the easier it is to win. This is not true. Actually, there is no correlation between the probability to win and the jackpot amount.

Jackpot in SlotsProgressive Jackpot in Slots

Games like slots that depend on luck have no optimal strategy available for gamers who are looking to hit the jackpot.

With such games, you will need to familiarise yourself with the game’s rules and ensure you actually meet those rules.

For example, most slots will require you to either place an additional side bet and in other cases you will be required to wager a certain amount before you can get to try the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots vary and the way you trigger them will depend on the requirements from the developer.

For instance, some slot games will require you to some special symbols while in others, you will need to land on specific pay lines.

There are others that allow players to randomly try their hand on the progressive jackpot or even by participating in a given bonus game. However, before trying out any set of rules, take a look at the game’s paytable.

Progressive Jackpot in Skill-Based Games

For the skilled-based games like blackjack, the house edge does not change given that the basic rules are not any different.

One of the biggest advantages in these types of games is the fact that with them, you can be able to apply your betting strategy and successfully impact the final outcome of the game

To be able to go to move to the level where you can participate in the progressive jackpot, you will need to place a special side bet, and this cannot be the same as the one from your initial wager.

On most skill-based games, the side bet is normally around £1. To win the jackpot, you will need to collect a winning combination and this depends entirely on the developer and the version of the game.

In blackjack games, there are many variations and in some, you can walk away with huge amounts of cash if you manage certain amounts of decks (usually four black or red aces).

In such a scenario, you will find that the odds of winning are largely determined by the number of decks involved in that game. It simply means that the more the packs you manage, the higher your chances of winning.

However, casinos will not make it that easy for you and if you are keen, you will notice that the more the card decks on a game uses, the higher the house edge!

Tips you Can Apply to Hit the Jackpot

One of the best tips that you can apply to progressive jackpot games is to work with skill-based games.

Hit the JackpotWith these games, it is easier to influence the outcome of the game because all you need to do is to apply a particular strategy. This is how you increase your chances of winning.

Also, remember to always check the rules set by the developer as well as the paytable.

You will come across different games offering different choices. For example, some progressive jackpot games offer exclusive bonus features. With such games, a player has the chance to take home some decent amount even if they miss the jackpot.

The other thing you need to learn is how to determine a loss limit. This is a good move that will prevent you from exceeding your bankroll. Actually, successful gamblers divide their bankroll for the day into several portions.

There is a misconception among many players that the more time you spend on a progressive jackpot game, the higher your odds of winning.

This is not true and you should not invest your time in a game with the hope of it favouring you in the end. Although practice makes perfect, it is not the only thing needed with these types of games.

Having a positive mindset is the number one step when starting off on a progressive jackpot game.


What do I need to do to qualify for a progressive jackpot?

For progressive jackpot, there is one common rule.  The games use the same principle whereby, each time you place a wager, the prize pool expands since there is some money that goes into it.

For you to qualify for these life-changing jackpots, work on meeting the set requirements, and this will entirely depend on the game you choose.

Take progressive video poker, for example, to qualify for the progressive jackpot with these types of games, you will be required to insert the maximum number of coins.

On the other hand, games like blackjack require you to place a special side bet and each time someone wins the jackpot, the figure is automatically reset to a particular (predetermined) amount.

Can I figure out the progressive jackpot slot that pays the highest amount?

Unlike back in the day before the internet hit the world, today, punters are spoilt for choice and the number of software developers is increasing by the day. Many bring along excellent games that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The current technology has enabled software developers to create progressive jackpot slots featuring many themes animations, generous payouts, and exclusive symbols among many others.

Some of the recent games that offer huge payouts include Mega Moolah (Microgaming), Jackpot Giant (Playtech), and Mega Fortune (NetEnt)

Can I be able to predict when the progressive jackpot is likely going to be triggered?

No, you cannot be able to do that. With online games, there is no human control as most use a Random Number Generator. This number generator does not keep the memory of the previous results and it produces new outcomes each time.

With this technique, it matters less if the jackpot was won recently or not and the progressive jackpot is not guided by this.

Any player can win the jackpot at any time. However, there is no player who can be able to predict the time that this will happen.

There are no predetermined outcomes and the game outcomes can possibly happen on any spins, hands, and/ or rounds.  Actually, the mystery of how it all works out is what adds to the thrill of these games.

Will my online casino set a limit for withdrawing large amounts of cash if I win a progressive jackpot?

Normally, most of these casinos do. It is common for online casinos to put a withdrawal limit to huge winnings and you will not be able to withdraw it all at once.

A lot of casinos, however, allow a weekly limit and with it, you will be allowed to collect a certain amount each week.

This is one of the measures that casinos put in place for safety purposes. Different withdrawal platforms have different restrictions. However, if you are in dire need of cash, you can request to withdraw the money through Bank Transfer as this is not only the safest, it is also the payment platform that allows large amounts of cash.

Does the casino deduct a withdrawal fee if I win the progressive jackpot?

No, most casinos do not charge any fees if you win a jackpot. However, depending on the withdrawal method, you may incur charges especially if you are withdrawing large amounts of cash.

If you are lucky to hit the progressive jackpot, ensure you get the right information on your preferred withdrawal method as some could be very costly as far as huge withdrawals are made.


Progressive jackpot games can be very exciting not to forget the huge potential that they have. You can opt to play these types of jackpot games on a regular basis using a strict budget rather than using huge amounts of cash on just one session.

Look out for information regarding payments for the game of your choice.  How often do they pay jackpots? How much have they paid out, and things like that?

Most importantly, read and understand the casino's terms and conditions as the most place special requirements for progressive jackpots.