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Live Casino Dealer Strategies

Live casino gives you the real experience of playing in a „brick and mortar” casino with knowledgeable and friendly dealers. Online casinos provide you with the luxury to play the games of live blackjack, live roulette, live poker, and live baccarat in the comfort of your own home.

Some of these games can also be played for free, especially via the many bonuses that the casinos offer.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a bit more experienced gambling enthusiast playing in a live casino, strategies of how to win and play properly are always useful. So, I’m going to tell you the strategies of playing live roulette and live blackjack. Keep reading to find out!

Live Blackjack

If you’re eager to achieve wins at live blackjack, live dealer strategy can be a great help for you.  Live Blackjack played in an online casino is an incredible game which allows you to play against a real human dealer who controls the action from a land-based casino or a studio. To add, because the live-action is overseen by a person, you can make intelligent strategic decisions to make more money.

How indeed can the Live Blackjack Strategy help you to win more:

  • Card counting
  • When to stand and also when to hit
  • Bankroll Management

These are just one of the strategies that I’ll present to you.

How Exactly Does Live Blackjack Work?

Although it is played online, Live Blackjack uses a human croupier that works at a physical table in a studio or a real-life casino. Your attention will be drawn to the dealer as he shuffles your cards by using an automatic shuffler, and then he deals them out to you and remaining player "spaces" on the playing table. First, the microchips in the cards will be picked up by the table, and afterwards, graphics will be displayed on your monitor.

Then you make bets, real-money, hit or stand in the usual manner. The live dealer is also going to take the cards or stand which depends on what cards do you possess at the moment. Then, any winnings are going to be paid out automatically to you by the online casino.

Live Blackjack Dealer Strategy

While basically, the Live Blackjack is virtually identical to the blackjack you would play in a traditional casino, there are some ways which I’ll tell you how to beat the house.

Picking The Right Game

live blackjack

What is essential, is that live blackjack has a house edge which is a lot smaller than any other table game out there. But because there are some many variants for you to choose online, you can take advantage if you pick the right game.

You have to find out before what number of decks are being used, and whether the live dealer stands or hits on a soft 17. These nuances can dramatically reshape the house edge.

For instance, a 4-deck Live Blackjack game is held, where the live dealer is standing on a soft 17 has the possibility to make the house edge 0.44%. If there’s an 8-deck blackjack online game where the live croupier can hit on a soft 17, and at the same time, the house edge will increase to 0.74 %.

Bankroll Management

Proper bankroll management can be of the essence when you're playing live  Blackjack with human dealers. You must employ a fruitful strategy where your bankroll is not at risk all at once.

It takes discipline to play liveBlackjackin an online live casino, so playing live blackjack tables is not recommendable in a situation where the minimum bet allowed in the game does not suit your bankroll.

As not so rare practice by some more experienced players is to play Live Blackjack at tables where the minimum bet is precisely 5% or lower of your current bankroll amount.

Ordinarily, Live Dealer games can carry some higher stakes than the ordinary blackjack game, so it’s crucial that when you play, you are sticking to a betting plan.

Cheat Sheet

Uncertain of the right moment to hit or stand? Because you're sitting alone all by yourself, print out a so-called "cheat sheet."

Live Blackjack cheat sheet is broadly available to you online, and they are straightforward grids which will give you certainly the optimum plays depending on the dealer’s cards but also yours.

Also, there is no reason for worrying about the pit boss yelling at you in a casino that you possess a cheat sheet, print that cheats sheet and keeps it next to your keyboard. The one thing you have to do is to follow the grid carefully to see what the cheat sheet advises you to be the optimum play.

Card Counting

Although counting cards seem to be difficult, it is very much possible for you to do it from the convenience of your home. With the perk of a live webcam stream, you can easily see the real-life shoe of cards which are being dealt from and shuffled.

It is crucial to know whether the live dealer shuffles the entire shoe after every hand, but if he doesn't, it is very much possible to gauge how „cold" or „hot" the deck is.

Card counting works whether the next cards that are drawn will be low or high, and just how many of each card has already come out.

A „stacked“ or hot table will have a bunch of high or good cards, while the cold table is going to have a great extent of low or bad cards that are about to come out.

Card counters are commonly banned from your traditional casinos when exposed, but on the internet, you can hide a lot easier.

Firstly, Play for Free

The beauty of playing in a live casino, especially if you’re enjoying a game of Live Blackjack is that you can try it out for free. With the Internet, there are no longer expensive lessons, go and try out some Live Blackjack without having to risk one penny before you jump in with your bankroll. Prove that you’re a genuine gambling enthusiast and play Live Blackjack for free, and then, try your luck with some money!

Live Roulette

I’m about to explain and uncover you in details, how to play Live Roulette games most strategically and optimally, to help you to achieve maximum winning opportunities. There are a few different aspects when playing Live Roulette games that are much different than your typical software-driven roulette games which are commonly offered at all online live casino sites, and also to help you, I’ll tell you what exactly does differences are.

Also, when you're playing Live Roulette, you'll experience the thrill of playing in Las Vegas casino for example, without having to leave your home.

Choose the Right Live Roulette Game

Let me introduce you to different variations of Live Roulette games that you’ll undoubtedly encounter when playing in an online live casino, which offers a live gaming platform. I must tell you that not all online live casinos sites are going to have in their offer the following live roulette game types. My advice to you would be to find an online live casino and only play the European live roulette game or the French live roulette game and the reason I'm saying this will become clear soon enough.

Live American Roulette

Two different house edges are attached to this type of Live Roulette, and it depends on which betting positions did you place your wager on as to which are you going to play against.

The Bucket Bet, which is thoroughly explained below, has a large house edge of 7.89%, and the betting positions that remained have a house edge of 5.26 %. I would suggest to you that you avoid playing this type of Live Roulette because there are much better offers on the table. If you chose a live casino that only has Live American Roulette, it is best for you to choose a Live Casino that offers one of the following Live Roulette game variants.

Live European Roulette

Much like a situation where you’re playing in a traditional casino, one of the types of Live Roulette that is most commonly available in an online live casino site is the Live European Roulette game. This game unlike the before mentioned, on the wheel, has one single zero, and on every single one of your betting positions has a house edge of 2.70%.

Live French Roulette

This is the variant of  Live Roulette which is a rare sight on live casinos, but if you try and look hard enough, you are going to find the Live French Roulette. When you play this Live Roulette game and place any wager imaginable the house edge on the wagers you made are going to be the same to the European variant, the one exception is the even-money paying bets.

Worst and Best Bets You Can Place

Depending on what live roulette games you choose to enjoy it, you are going to find some nice valued bets that you can place on the betting layout but there also some that are better when left alone. I’ll explain to you why are some bets good and others not so much.

Bucket Bet

If the only variant of Live Roulette game that you found in a Live Casino is the American one, then all the payouts which are attached to the betting opportunities are pretty standard. Nevertheless, there is one bet which is highly recommendable to avoid placing on this Live Roulette table because it has a higher house edge than all of the remaining betting positions.

Known as the Bucket Bet option, it’s a single wager that covers in the same time the double and single zero but also numbers three, two and one. The payout odds which you will receive if you plan on placing this bet and then one of the numbers happens to spin in is 5:1, adding that the house edge is precisely 7.89% as to the opposed 5.26% on the other betting positions.

Even Money Bets

If you want to get the lowest house edge when you're placing even money bets, you should play the Live French Roulette Game. On all other betting positions that are on this table game, the standard payouts are 2.70%, with one exception, and that are the even-money paying positions.

A zero spins in happened, and if you placed just any even money paying bet, you will either get a half of your losing stake to get successfully refunded to you or those bets are going to remain in play for the following spin of the wheel, which will reduce the house edge substantially to 1.35% on precisely those betting opportunities.

Don’t Rely on Betting Systems

Betting systems are supposed to function properly only in the long run, meaning that you would need a big bankroll, which is just unacceptable for the vast majority of players. Nobody wants to spend hours playing Live Roulette just so the betting system would start to show some usefulness. Remember carefully, that none of the numerous betting systems was proven to be legit, and even the professionals give advice that they are utterly useless in the real world. On a mathematical level, they are also proven to be unfavourable.

Real Money Being Involved

Due to the nature of how Live Roulette mainly works and play, you won’t be able to play them for free, because of only real money options are being offered at online casinos which have an available live gaming platform. The actual stake options and chip values which are available on Live Roulette Games are different from one live casino to another one, nevertheless, you’ll surely find that the majority of live casinos which offer these games will require from you to place a minimum chip that is valued precisely 1.00 before you acquire the right to participate in the live roulette games.

Player comps and bonuses are awarded identically like on other live casino websites as they are at the software-driven casinos, but you need to be fully aware that there are typically maximum stake rules in place in a situation where you claim a bonus and also use it on just any live roulette games. Try your luck and play Live Roulette in a live casino.

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