UPDATED ON: by James Worden

Sports Information ServicesMaxbet, the Serbia-based operator has just partnered with SIS to launch its esports betting product. Sports Information Services (SIS), is a popular multi-channel supplier of live betting services, have had a successful launch after delivering their service to MaxBet.

The new collaboration is a result of a long-term strategy between both companies which was designed in order to strengthen and develop the competitive gaming market on an international level.

MaxBet is an online sportsbook that is dedicated to esports betting. With the latest integration of SIS, MaxBet will be able to provide its customers in the Balkans with access to live NBA2K21 games, which are short 5-minute quarters played on Monday through Sunday. 

As the gaming industry continues to expand, players in countries like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro will have an opportunity to enjoy the very latest in live betting.

SIS is a long-standing company in the gaming industry, with expertise in betting and gaming solutions. MaxBet has always been at the forefront of innovation, which made it an ideal partner for SIS to create an end-to-end solution specifically designed for sportsbooks.

Customers get to access a multitude of live-streamed pictures, things like on-screen graphics that have betting triggers, commentary, data and an extensive assortment of esports markets plus prices for nearly 40,000 live events in a year.

Betting On Esports is Safer Than Ever!

In a market where betting on esports is often viewed with suspicion, SIS has been providing the safest and most secure experience for bettors since it launched. Since its inception, integrity has been at the heart of everything that SIS does.

With a dedicated Integrity Referee monitoring, every match from start to finish is scrutinized by trained by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission), players are protected from potential risks of collusion or other corrupt practices during gameplay.

“We’re very pleased with how SIS Competitive Gaming has delivered such strong engagement and margin returns for MaxBet in its opening few months of operations.

“The product has proven to be a valuable addition for sportsbooks, and the success to date is testament once more to the quality and integrity that has been built into SIS Competitive Gaming from inception.”

- Anze Gantar, Digital Sales Manager at SIS

“Launching with SIS has proven to be a great success. Our customer base across the Balkans has thoroughly enjoyed the exciting esports experience and live betting opportunities available through SIS Competitive Gaming.

“We are very confident that they will continue to enjoy the esports betting experience, helping us to further boost engagement and drive profitable revenues in the process.”

- Darko Zivanov, Group CEO at MaxBet