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New payment option for casino players in Norway

Many people enjoy playing games and over the past years, more and more people have shown a bigger interest in playing at online casinos. Playing at online casinos is very popular in Norway. There are a lot of different casinos to play at and at, you can find all you need to know about online gaming in Norway.

The casino portal provides you with a list of online casinos, poker sites, online lotteries and much more. A big advantage of playing casino online is the many different payment options you have. For you as a player, it is supposed to be easy to make deposits and withdrawals. Therefore a relatively new payment option has entered the Norwegian casinos online and it is called MuchBetter. In this article, we will introduce you to this new payment option and we will explore how MuchBetter seeks to solve deposit issues for Norwegian players.

What is MuchBetter?

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MuchBetter is an e-wallet which functions as both a payment option and as a deposit option. MuchBetter also lets you store, send and move your money quickly and safely. With MuchBetter you therefore have a virtual wallet where you can keep refilling money so you can use it to play at online casinos.

If you are lucky enough to win money, you can connect your e-wallet at MuchBetter with your Norwegian bank account in order to make a deposit. You also have the possibility of ordering a separate Mastercard that you can use to connect to your account at MuchBetter. It doesn’t really get much easier than using MuchBetter.

Much better safety

Connecting your bank account to an electronic wallet can for many people seem like a risky business. But it doesn’t have to be at all because MuchBetter takes the necessary precautions in order to protect your sensitive information. You don’t have to worry about the safety because your account at MuchBetter is protected with both device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security codes and last, but not least, a transaction review system to ensure that only legitimate transactions go through.

How does MuchBetter solve deposit issues?

If you are wondering how MuchBetter works to solve deposit issues for Norwegian players, we will try to help you out. If you are using MuchBetter, we recommend you to only play at online casinos that are suited to Norway. Due to legal requirements, it has within the past few years been more difficult to make a deposit on foreign casinos for Norwegian players and that is why we recommend you to only play at Norwegian casinos, so you can use MuchBetter to connect to your Norwegian bank account.

How does MuchBetter work?

MuchBetter has revolutionized the way casino players deposit and withdraw their winnings. Using this smart payment app is just as easy, if not much better, than using the traditional e-wallets. All you have to do to get started is to download the app from either Google Play Store or App Store. Once the app is downloaded you can go ahead and create your MuchBetter account, totally free and without any fees.

When setting up your account you have to provide the app with personal information. This process is quite similar to signing up to an online casino. You fill in your personal information regarding name, date of birth, phone number, nationality and so on. Once everything is completed you have to verify the sensitive information, so make sure you type in everything correctly. You are now ready to enjoy smooth withdrawals and fast transactions as well as special rewards.

MuchBetter Rewards and Usability

MuchBetter is a unique payment option as it gives back to its user through exclusive rewards. Each month you have the opportunity to receive new rewards from MuchBetter: And the more active you are, the higher your winning chances are. Rewards often include cash prizes and other goodies.

Every time you spend more than ten dollars on a casino website, you are rewarded with MuchBetter Points. Points are also dealt out to users who top up their funds or transfer money to other users. At the end of the week, your points are collected, and you have the chance to win special rewards.

Usability is an important aspect when it comes to payment options, and MuchBetter does not disappoint. Using the app is easy, quick and intuitive, and the same goes for setting up a new account. The interface is modern, clean and offers a great user experience.

MuchBetter Support

Any online casino player knows the value of good customer service and support. You never know when you might experience an issue, either with the casino itself or your payment options. MuchBetter is there to support you with any enquiry or question you might have, and guarantee a one-hour response time during their working hours. You can get in touch with their support team by sending a ticket through the app: Except speedy and quick responses.

Before contacting customer service, it will be wise to check out MuchBetter’s detailed FAQ section. Here you will find a list consisting of the most asked, and most frequent questions. Chances are you’ll find your answer here. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, you can always get in touch with the support team.

Why you should choose an e-wallet

MuchBetter is an e-wallet which is a payment option that has increasingly risen in popularity among Norwegians. Not only does e-wallets make it easier to keep track of all your withdrawals and transactions, but they are usually some of the fastest and quickest payment methods available.

Electronic wallets offer a convenient way to play at online casinos. Norwegians can enjoy many more advantages using MuchBetter, as opposed to the traditional debit and credit cards. The transfer and deposit of funds are a lot quicker using MuchBetter than a traditional banking method. Every casino player knows that traditional banking methods often result in days or even weeks of waiting time until a transaction is completed. With MuchBetter you never have to worry about transaction or withdrawal time ever again.

Using an e-wallet such as MuchBetter is also the most cost-efficient way to play at online casinos. Whilst traditional methods normally charge a high transaction fee, MuchBetter has much lower fees, and the majority of online casinos do not take any additional fees when processing payments from MuchBetter. This smart payment app has made it easier and more achievable to enjoy online casinos and betting.

Why are payment methods important?

Payment methods

As a casino player, you should always look for the best and most reliant payment methods available. Seamless transfers, deposits and withdraws are important in order to achieve a great casino experience. Using a payment option that securely handles your money is vital. There are many payment methods out there, and it’s up to you to choose the best and safest option.

For a long time, Norwegians have struggled to choose the perfect payment method, but the launch of MuchBetter has made this decision a little easier. This smart payment app lets your transfer, withdraw and deposit money, without having to switch between different payment options. This brings a whole new level of convenience to the table. The security and customer service provided is unmatched, hence why MuchBetter keeps on growing in popularity and receiving notable awards.


Finding the right payment solution isn’t always easy, especially for Norwegian and Scandinavian players. The launch of MuchBetter has revolutionized how online casino players are able to withdraw, transfer and deposit money online: In a safe, secure and highly protective manner. The efficiency and support have quickly turned MuchBetter into the most favourable option amongst Norwegian casino players.

MuchBetter is an innovative and award-winning online mobile payment solution. It allows you to quickly, conveniently and securely transfer, withdraws and deposit funds online: Perfect for anyone looking for a great online casino payment option. Creating an account is simple and completely free, all you have to do is download the app to your device using your app store.

Topping up your account is simple and MuchBetter offers several payment methods to increase your funds. Use MuchBetter to deposit and withdraw funds in a secure and convenient manner. This virtual e-wallet is the perfect choice for Norwegian casino players, as it can be connected to your Norwegian bank account.

  •   Convenient and easy
  •   Functions as a payment and deposit option
  •   Safe, secure and highly protected
  •   Can connect to Norwegian bank accounts
  •   Excellent support and customer service
  • Gain rewards and bonuses

MuchBetter is a new and innovative way for Norwegian casino players to transfer, deposit and withdraw their winnings. MuchBetter has been awarded the mobile payment solution of the year, best-prepaid card solution and most innovative financial service payment solution – just to name a few. Get on board today and start managing your funds in a safer and much better way online, with MuchBetter: The smart e-wallet and payment app.

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