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Online Casino Bonus Abuse: Are You A Victim?

Online casinos have lots of goodies that they offer to both their new and older customers. One such is the bonuses that are all too common on many online casinos.

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Different types of bonuses are available on gaming casinos and these include free chips, free spins, deposit bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses.

However, all is not bliss when it comes to the freebies as most of them come with a lot of strings attached. The terms and conditions attached to some of these bonuses are quite prohibitive.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the challenges that a lot of players encounter while trying to access these bonuses common on casinos.

So, what are some of the problems that you will come across when you accept the casinos’ bonuses available to you?

The first thing that you need to understand is that casinos will not credit the cash that is offered to you as a bonus straight into your account. This money comes with a few terms that will compel you to play for a number of rounds before it’s released to you.

This is meant to deter mischievous gamblers, who may receive the bonuses, withdraw everything, and disappear into thin air.

Some more experienced players will go to greater lengths to get the profits; this is by minimizing the impact that comes with the attached terms and conditions.

Given that these online casinos are in the industry to make money, they are very strict when dealing with players who abuse these bonuses.

Many times, online gambling casinos are known to revoke bonuses, and in other instances, they have no option but to ban players who try to manipulate the system.

Many players may find this unfair given that the online casino already has a house edge when it comes to games. However, these casinos reserve the right on whom to allow on their website.

That said, how do you go about improving your chances of enjoying these bonuses, while avoiding falling into this trap knowingly or unknowingly?

Read on to find out how you can safely handle the casino bonuses, and what to do in case the casino accuses you wrongly.

Understanding Online Gaming Bonus Abuse

There is no literal definition that can be given to describe casino bonus abuse. This is because different online casinos have different terms and conditions. What one casino may consider abuse is not the same case with the other casinos.

However, bonus abuse is using a scheme that is not acceptable to manipulate the casino’s system into giving you a bonus.

Any gambler who abuses the bonus policies is a problem not only to the particular casino but to the industry as well.  In gambling, a lot of the sites have a little edge as far as bonuses are concerned.

This places them at a disadvantage if their customers continuously manipulate the bonuses.

Let’s look at an example that outlines the average casino earnings with each bet placed:

  • You qualify for a $200 bonus.
  • 40xs is required on the bonus
  • 200 x 40 = $8,000 is what you will be required to wager
  • The slot has an RTP of 96.5%
  • 8,000 x 0.965 = $7,720 in winnings
  • 7,720 + 100 (bonus) = $7,820 in overall winnings
  • From the example above, the casino gets to earn a profit of $80.

As you can see, the online casino has a little edge over the player and they will win in the long run. This is regardless of the bonuses that the casino has offered.

However, this does not mean that the casino is overly greedy. Remember, they also have other things to deal with like staff salaries, rent, game licenses among other things that will cost them money.

The truth with the bonuses is that the casinos are never happy if a player walks away with these bonuses. Actually, they do not really want many gamblers profiting off these offers.

They may be willing to take a loss from a few gamblers from time to time. However, most of these casinos will always remain ahead of the player as far as these offers are concerned.

Some Examples of Online Casino Bonus Abuse

A lot of players are very happy if they are able to find a way to abuse the bonus offers.  They will often “feel good” for having found a way to beat the casino.

However, what many don’t realise is that it is criminal to do that, and you risk having your account terminated if the casino realises you are trying to scam them.

This is where the problem comes in.  A lot of gamblers are not very clear on what bonus abuse is all about.  

If this is confusing to you, as it is confusing to many others, please pay attention to the details below:

Placing Large Bets to Receive Bonuses Much Faster

One of the major reasons that casinos give out bonus offers is so as to encourage players to deposit real cash. With real cash, a gambler can be able to try their hand on the real cash games. This will also earn the casino some money.  

However, the casinos do NOT want gamblers to place very huge bets at once, with the aim of clearing the wagering requirements. In betting, this is also known as playthrough.

Look at the example below:

  • You qualify for a bonus of $50
  • Wagering is 40x
  • 50 x 40 = $2,000 (this is the amount that you must wager)
  • You go for a slot that has $500 max bets.
  • 2,000 divide by 500 = 4 (these are the total bets that you are required to wager before you receive the bonus

However, this may not be very possible given the strict requirements that a lot of casinos place on wagering.

When you look at many casinos’ terms and conditions, you will find an indication that the casino does not allow wagers over a certain amount.  In most cases, you will not be allowed to bet more than $200 per each spin, especially when you have an active bonus.

Even without considering these terms, a casino may be compelled to revoke a bonus if they notice a trend, where the gambler bets big, just to clear the playthrough.

Opening Multiple Accounts

It is a general rule for every player to open only one betting account per casino.  However, there are people who try to get more than one account by using different email addresses. There are also cases where people bypass this requirement by using a virtual private network (VPN).

One of the driving forces behind getting multiple betting accounts to get access to more than one bonus. This is particularly common when there is a huge bonus offer involved.

Here is a good example:

You come across a casino that is giving new players a100% match bonus that is worth up to let’s say $1,000. However, on the same casino, the reload bonuses are worth just 75% with a match of up to $150.

Although the gambler knows that they won’t be in a position to beat the house using multiple welcome bonuses, they know that these welcome offers are usually the best. This is why it’s tempting to want to benefit from more than one.  

In one way or the other, the casino will catch up with you, and you risk having your bonus revoked.

Multiple Claims on the Same Bonus

In addition to opening multiple accounts, it is common to find players claiming the same bonus twice. Online casinos have a simple solution to this problem.

Unknown to these players, a lot f online casinos use the latest software and technology that are able to bar a play from double claiming a bonus.

To avoid trouble with the casino, it is wise to enjoy the bonus that has been awarded to you rather than to be driven by greed.

Steps That You Can Take Not To Become A Bonus Abuser

There are two types of casino bonus abusers. The first one is the cheeky player who wants to reap where they have not sown. Then there is the second type of abuser who is not even aware that they are working contrary to the casino’s terms and conditions.   

To stay in good books with a casino, and avoid being marked as a bonus abuser; here are a few things you can do:

  1. Avoid Placing Large Bets Just To Get Bonuses

To enjoy a smooth ride with these online casinos, kick start your betting by reading their terms and conditions.  This way, you will be in a position to know what is allowed and what is not.  This is particularly important if you want to enjoy the bonuses offered.

Check the excerpt where they have detailed the max bets. If you go past their max wager amount, the casino reserves the right to revoke your entire bonus.

Keep your bet sizes within what the casino allows so as to avoid the trouble of forfeiting your hard-earned bonuses.

  1. Check The Casino’s Rules on Bonuses

I cannot insist enough on the importance of checking, and understanding each casino’s terms and conditions before investing your money.

On the casino of your choice, what terms have been attached to the bonuses?

On most reputable casinos, these are the basics when we come to the Terms and conditions:

  • Wagering conditions and requirements – How much are you supposed to wager prior to cashing to the bonus offered?
  • What is the casino’s requirement on Max bet sizes? Please note the maximum amount that is allowed when you have an active bonus
  • Timeframe to claim – Does the bonus come with an expiry date?
  • What is the timeframe for meeting the bonus wagering requirements?
  • Which games have a restriction when you have an active bonus?

Reading the casino’s terms and conditions page is a must for every player, and especially if you are gambling for real cash.

  1. Avoid Irregular Play

The bonuses offered by casinos do not come easy. The many terms attached to them can be very prohibitive to many gamblers.  For example, did you know that most casinos will do a serious check on your gambling before they can process any withdraw?

Many gamblers assume that bonus funds are automatically transferred to them as soon as they meet the terms. However, a lot of online gambling sites will review your playing pattern before any withdrawal that includes a bonus is processed.

In most cases, the casino is trying to check whether there is any form of “irregular play.”

If this is the first time you are coming across these words. They are an umbrella term common in the industry. They mean that a gambler has placed either a very large bet or just playing one single game that has an extremely low house edge.

  1. Non-Reputable Casinos Ripping-Off Bonus Deals

By now, you have the information on how to avoid getting in trouble while working around a casino bonus.

However, if you meet all the criteria required before you can withdraw a bonus, you might still have another challenge if working with a bad casino.

There are some gaming sites that will wrongly accuse you of abusing their terms, but this is just ploy so as not to honour the end of the bargain. 

However, these are isolated cases as most online casinos depend on their reputation to attract and keep customers.



In gambling, bonus abuse can come in different forms. Things like betting with a very large amount, opening multiple betting accounts, and in other instances claiming a bonus more than once, are all forms of bonus abuse.

If there is an area that casinos pay a lot of attention to, it is the area of bonuses. Remember, online casinos do not offer these bonuses out of goodwill, but they are a form of incentives that are meant to encourage more gamblers into making a real cash deposit.

In fact, gambling sites will be very swift in banning any gambler caught trying to manipulate the bonus. The site will not allow you to take the deposit and it will be confiscated, others will take even the player’s deposit.

Luckily, you can enjoy gambling and all other forms of bonuses as long as you are in good books with the casino.

Follow the casino’s terms, and place wagers with a reasonable amount, check their bonus rules and stay away from irregular gaming patterns.

To avoid being cheated off by the online casino, do your due diligence ahead of time.

Many of the reputable online casinos will rarely stop you from withdrawing your bonuses without a valid reason.  Working with a good casino from the beginning will help you avoid falling into this trap.

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