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Online Casinos: Playing for the Girls 

A common misconception with regards to online casinos is that they are only for men. The fact of the matter is that women love to gamble. Let’s face it, why else would they get married. Seriously though, online casinos are brimming with games that are specially made keeping in mind the female gambler.

Not just a trend, there are individual casinos that are now opening up which give preference to the ladies. As reviewed here in 888ladies a casino designated for women. Now, on the looks of it, there aren’t any significant differences. The odds are the same, but when it comes to offers and bonuses, the fairer sex does get a little bit of an extra advantage. Add to that the colour scheme or the games on offer, and there is a slight feminine touch to it all that shouts classy and elegant, very much like the women in our lives.

Online casinos have become the go-to place to earn nifty profits and get entertained for the smart gambler. The ease of playing as well as mobile capabilities make them the perfect companion when travelling or if you want to spend some time relaxing. When it comes to the female customer, online casinos have some entertaining options that are going to perk their interest into playing more.


The classic bingo goes online with pretty in pink backgrounds and all the features that make it such a loveable game. The bonus is that the ladies can earn some extra cash by using the various welcome offers that online casinos have for newcomers. Plus, the chance to get all their friends together and enjoy like they would in real life makes this the ideal game for a fun slumber party. 


Arguably the most popular of the games, slot have completely revolutionised online gambling. The many themes of slot games are about characters from TV and movies as well as classic real-life individuals. Take Wonder Woman and how she has been immortalised by her unique clothing as well as with a dedicated slot game. With options to bet low or high, as per your comfort level and themes that range from Panther Queen to the mysterious Temple of Iris, there is so much to play and relish. Women will especially love the Cleopatra theme that makes them feel like a real queen, or if you’re in a somewhat playful mood, then the Love Island Fringo is the one game for you. 

Live Games

Isn’t technology just great? The use of cameras has led online casinos to come up with live games that bring the gambling experience right into your living room. Watch the dealer live and play baccarat, blackjack, or roulette in real-time. The ladies will definitely love the excitement of it all. Now, no matter the game that you play, the massive advantage of an online casino bonus is something that is irreplaceable. From free spins to no-deposit plays there are so many options that players can choose from. Everyone, including women, loves a little freebie and when it comes with the opportunity to increase profits, all the better.