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Casinos are one of the industries where there is no defined age rule as long as the player is over the age limit of the particular country.

Casino Skill-Based GamesCasinos are common around the world and they draw all manner of players. From the old grannies who are looking for something to kill time to the young millennials chasing a jackpot, all these patrons work with varying skills with the hope of emerging best in their gaming area.

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America’s glory as the superpower of this industry seems to be fading away as more and more countries offer excellent gaming establishments. These countries also offer more relaxed casino rules making them very attractive to players with some small change in their pockets.

Some players prefer more challenging games with the hope of beating the house edge while others go for more relaxing ones.

But as many gaming establishments continue to come up, how well are players informed of some of these skill-based games offered in these casinos.

Below, we take a look at these games and the pros and cons that come with each of them:

Casino Skill-Based Games

Before we go deeper into our topic, let’s take a quick look at some of these games.

Although the results of the above games are somehow influenced by luck, these games also require the player to make some decisions that also highly influence their outcome.

This is not the case with other types of games like roulette and slot machines, as with such games, the player has no power on how to influence the final outcome.

Skill Based Casino Games (Pros)

We now understand the difference between skill games and games of chance. So, what are some of the positive attributions to these games?

One of the most notable features of skill-based games is the fact that they do not entirely depend on luck. This also makes them a preferred choice to many payers because they can be in a position to influence the final outcome.

However, to effectively do this, a player will need to study strategy charts, and even memorize game odds each time they are in gameplay.

As opposed to the games of chance, skill-based games help players to be custodians of the final outcome.

Ability to Lower the Casino/House Edge

Players can take advantage of strategies that have already been tried by other professional gamblers. If a player can properly hone these strategies, they stand a better chance of bringing down the house edge to a more manageable level.

For example, in video poker, a player using the right version of the game while applying the best possible strategy is in a position to get over the house edge.

This also gives that player the game’s mathematical advantage.

Ability to Get More Satisfying Wins

Most players will agree with me on this one. There is that feeling of satisfaction each time you win out of hard work and not sheer luck.

Payers who love video poker or those into card counters spend an enormous amount of time to hone their gaming skills.

When such a player wins the odds because of the amount of research and hard work that they have put in, it brings a sense of pride.

Wider Options

Years back, only a number of games from those that I have mentioned above were available for players who wanted to try their hands on skill-based games.

Fast forward to today, players can cast their net wide as more and more casinos continue to install new skill-based games. We can see a lot of new games that reflex your memory.

Skill Based Casino Games (Cons)

Skill-based games may come with some obvious advantages but not all players favour these types of games and here is why:

It’s Mostly about Luck

Regardless of the amount of skill that goes into these games, games like cards, blackjack, and poker still require some sort of luck.

These gaming options are somehow unpredictable and the outcome could go the other way when you least expect.

The Player Needs to Work Harder!

If you do not like research, then you will not enjoy these types of games.

To succeed with skill-based games, you will need to do very extensive research which can also be very time-consuming.

Remember, a great amount of your time will go into learning and memorizing different gaming strategies which could seem like a full-time job.

With no prior knowledge and skill, a player can only depend on luck which is not one of the best strategies for this type of gaming.

House Always has an Edge

Apart from a few video poker games that come with a perfect paytable, most casino games come with an automatic built-in advantage over the gamer.

This is not a new thing as it has been around since casino gaming started.  The strategy is well calculated to always favour the casino, and that’s why you will rarely find a casino making losses.

For some patrons who fully understand this concept, they may be discouraged to know that no matter their effort in research and study, they will never beat the casino.

Automated Help

Technology seems to have created a whole bunch of lazy gamers. Casinos seem to have realized this that’s why you find most of them offering games with some built-in automated features.

These features are meant to assist the players who are trying their hands at skill games, and they have no intention of committing to a gaming strategy.

A good example can be found on most video poker games where the auto-hold feature safeguards the player’s best cards and so they do not have to remember anything. The player’s work is to insert money, press the deal button and they are done! 


With the above details, you can now make a wise choice when choosing casino games that offer real value.

Use those tips to make wise decisions on the style of gambling that best meets your expectations.

If you want a more laid back atmosphere where you can just sit and relax as you enjoy a game or two, then going for games of pure chance is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you love challenges and want something more engaging, why not try your hand in the skill-based games.