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Relax Gaming partnershipRelax Gaming, an iGaming aggregator and supplier of unique content, has agreed to a Silver Bullet partnership deal with Storm Gaming.

The move is in line with Relax’s efforts to continue its push into the European market as it continues to grow and expand globally. Storm Gaming will be the latest Silver Bullet partner for Relax Gaming.

Creating a Beneficial Partnership

The deal between these two great providers will provide an easy path for Storm Gaming to access Relax’s tier-one operations. This is in addition to the unrivalled speed in marketing the services.

At the moment, Storm Gaming is the latest game studio that has been able to join this industry’s top distribution program.

Storm Gaming has been around for many years, and they have over 10 years of experience in this industry. With such a wealth of knowledge, they have been able to integrate a more supple approach to game development.

This is how they have managed to remain one of the go-to distributors of content on many platforms. These include mobile gaming, online gaming, gaming terminals as well as on tablets. It’s a deal projected to significantly expand its reach.

The combination of creative designs and a comprehensive collection of over 100 games, slots, LPM, and bingo included has given the Studio a great reputation to make it the most sought-after developer of superior content designed for a superior online gambling experience.

Diverse Collection of Excellent Games

This partnership between Relax Gaming and Storm Gaming further enhances the diverse collection of exclusive games offered to Relax’s clients – which has seen noteworthy growth in recent months, in many European markets.

Reflecting on this arrangement, Simon Hammon, Relax Gaming CPO was quoted saying “Storm Gaming’s focus on technology and high-quality content represents the ideal partner for us and our operat­ors.

“The deal highlights the value that Silver Bullet brings to the table both for us and for studios, allowing for content to be exposed to the leading operators at unmatched speed. We look forward to supporting their next chapter of development.”

Sabrina Anthi Howells from Storm Gaming said: “The entire team at Storm Gaming is first and foremost about making gambling more fun than it ever was before. Our mission is to create exhilarating and dynamic experiences, so when the time came to find an aggregator partner, Relax was the obvious answer.

“The Silver Bullet program is exactly what we need to help us get to the next level as a developer in the iGaming industry. We look forward to bringing something fresh to the slots scene.”