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The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the gaming industry to flourish in the digital world. Operators of traditional land-based casinos and bookmakers leveraged on this technological innovation by opening up websites that offer online casino and slot games, as well as online sports betting platforms.

These gaming platforms are preferred for their generosity like the free spin offer, and other forms of bonuses that they offer. One example is SlotoCash offers players a $7777 Bonus+ 300 Free Spins.

21.com Casino offers 100 NO Deposit Spins + €1000 Bonus + 900 Free Spins, another great place to enjoy not only the latest slot games and excellent bonuses. A good example is their welcome package that contains.

FezBet 15 No Deposit Spins and you will be impressed with their loyalty program, in addition to a welcome package.

This opened up several channels for seasoned players to indulge their favourite games, and novice gamers to try out playing casino and slot games.

However, there are several things that you need to consider before dealing with online casino sites, especially those who are beginners in this field.


Licensed online casinosThe first thing you need to consider before dealing with any online casino site is to check whether they have the proper licenses and certificates to operate. This is to ensure that apart from your funds, your personal data and sensitive information are safe and secure. Licensing bodies only grant online bookmakers permission to operate when they pass certain qualifying requirements. These bodies usually provide licenses to the sites that were developed in their jurisdiction.

This is the reason why even if traditional land-based gambling is deemed illegal in one country, players still have the capability to play online in legitimate sites that have sufficient licenses from their jurisdiction to operate. For instance, to be able to play online casino Malaysia based players access sites which are licensed by other countries or regions. This is because it is clearly illegal to host an internet gambling operation in Malaysia, but the laws fall in a grey area in terms of patronizing sites that offer casino games, which are not developed in the country. This scenario also happens in several other regions and countries worldwide, where the rules and regulations pertaining to online casino operations are still vague and unclear.

Terms and Conditions

Before joining any gaming site, make it a habit to check their terms and conditions, which are usually made available when you click a button on their homepage. Their terms and conditions include their regulations on when you are eligible for cash out on your winnings, as well as when you can withdraw your money. In parallel, it is also in the terms and conditions of the site where you can find the policies that tackle the amount that you need to deposit, as well as the amount of money that you can withdraw.

Payment Options

Payment OptionsApart from the proper licenses, as well as the terms and conditions on the site, it is also noteworthy to check for the payment options they offer. The most reputable and reliable online casino sites often offer several payment options apart from payments and cashouts through credit cards and online banking transactions. They may offer payment through transactions offered by third-party services, or even cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, online casino sites that are able to offer payment options through major credit card types are deemed most reliable, because most credit card companies will work with them if they aren’t.

In line with this, it is best to take note of whether these payment options make it easy for you to deposit as well as withdraw your money. This is because legit online casino and gaming sites that have a seamless process when it comes to financial transactions, while the fraudulent ones often make it effortless for their patrons to deposit money, but make it difficult for them to withdraw or claim their winnings because of several complicated processes. Thereby, it is important to choose an online casino site that offers the most convenient process for you to fund your games, and retrieve your winnings.

Software Providers

After thoroughly reviewing whether an online casino site has the proper licenses, as well as scrutinize their terms and conditions, you also need to check their software providers. This is apart from checking the payment options they offer. It is important to check the software provider of an online casino site because the way that the site is built will have a significant impact on the way you play the games.

One of the most popular casino software providers is RealTime Gaming, which started in the late 90s. If the online casino site was built by this developer or some of the most renowned casino software providers, then there is a great chance that you are playing on the right site. More often than not, the sites built by the best software providers are user-friendly and the games guaranteed to be fair.


There are several technologies nowadays that continually improve the overall gaming experience of the users and one of these is mobile gaming. Before joining a particular online casino site, it is best to verify whether you will be able to access the site on your smartphone or any handheld device, apart from your laptops or computers. More often than not, online players seek the convenience to play the games anytime and anywhere they choose, and this entails the need for them to access the games through their mobile phones or handheld gadgets. Hence, it is best to check whether you will be able to play online casino games and even access your funds if you will enter the site through your mobile devices. There are even online casino sites that have their own mobile apps, which is why it is best to confirm through your phone’s app store if such apps are available, and if these are available, also check their ratings.

In the same manner, also verify whether you will be able to access the site, regardless of the browser that you use on your computer. This is because some sites have compatibility requirements because of some features included in their games such as real-time playing, which can be supported only by a particular browser. This will prove to be inconvenient especially when you don’t have that particular browser installed on your computer. It can be deemed therefore that the most reputable sites are the ones that leverage on technology to be able to offer their patrons the option of gaming in several platforms, on different devices.

Game Variety

Before dealing with an online casino site, it is noteworthy to consider the games offered on the page. If you are a player who tends to easily get bored after playing one game, then you need to pick a site that offers several games for you to choose from. If you are looking to play a certain type of game such as adventure slots or live and real-time card games, then make sure that these are available before you sign up with the site. It will definitely be unfortunate if you already deposited a certain gaming budget on a site that doesn’t offer the game you are after. This often happens when players assume that the most popular sites have all the games they like to play. Nevertheless, you can be assured that the site is powered by one of the best software providers, then it is most likely that the platform has a wide variety of slot games to offer.

In addition to this, it will truly be more convenient to be able to access casino games, slot games, as well as sports betting to name a few, all in a single platform. This kind of game variety is a selling point for most players who are keen on spreading their funds in several types of games. This is because they believe that when they are out of luck on one game, another game may bring them retribution.

Bonuses, Rewards, and Promotions

It will definitely be great to be able to extend your gaming budget through the bonuses, rewards, and promotions often offered by online casino sites. This is why it is best to look out for an online casino site that offers a certain welcome bonus to its new patrons. While most sites do offer a sign-up bonus, the amount usually varies.

Bonuses, Rewards, and PromotionsNevertheless, you can have an idea of how much welcome bonus that you are entitled to as a new player on the site by checking their terms and conditions. This is because their bonus policy is usually included therein. The welcome bonus may be an amount that is equivalent to the money you have deposited in your account on your first deposit or some other fixed amount that they deem as appropriate. There are even those sites that deposit a certain amount in your account as soon as you register, even before you make your first deposit. This bonus will boost your chances of winning because you will have more funds to start playing, even on games with higher stakes.

However, make sure that these attractive welcome bonuses are not a disguise for a poor payout scheme later on. There are also those sites that offer an attractive welcome bonus offer in an attempt to distract you from considering the other aspects that you need to check within the site. This is the reason why it is also important to check the reviews that the site’s patrons make about their page. Based on the reviews, you will already have a good idea of whether the online casino site genuinely and promptly pays out their clients, or otherwise.

Apart from the welcome bonus offers, different sites also offer various rewards and promotions which you can use to your advantage. Top online casino sites not only offer an attractive welcome or sign up bonus, but they also find creative ways to keep their most loyal patrons engaged and this is usually by offering certain rewards and promotions that will encourage players to play longer. These incentives entice players to keep on investing in the site, which is why it is worthwhile to check the promotional materials of the site for such types of rewards and promotions. There are even online casino sites that provide you with a VIP status after several successful winnings or after you reach a certain amount of deposit.

Customer Support

Finally, you should also consider whether the site provides ample and reliable customer service. This is because server downtimes may be inevitable, and it is in these instances where you want to make sure that when the site comes back online, you will still have the funds available in your account. However, the most reputable and reliable sites don’t even get to experience server downtime.

Apart from the scheduled or abrupt server downtimes, there may also be instances wherein the online casino site may encounter certain technical glitches, which can prove to be unfortunate, especially if you are in the middle of a financial transaction, or a particular game. It can be a blessing in disguise if you’re losing, but it can be totally frustrating if you encounter the glitch the moment you are winning. Nevertheless, it is in these instances wherein you need the prompt and immediate support of their customer service representative in order to avoid losing your money or keeping your level in the game.

The best online casino sites often have live and real-time customer support which you can get in touch with through a chatbox on their page. Apart from this live chat channel, you should also have the option to get in touch with their customer service through several other avenues such as emails or phone calls. Thereby, it is imperative for you to check the contact information that the site provides or try using their live chat feature before signing up. This will ensure that you will be able to get in touch with them should there be any unfortunate circumstance that occurs while you are accessing the site.

The digital world opened up several avenues for entertainment. in videos, music, and gaming. However, the online world also paved the way for those with malicious intentions to take advantage of those seemingly unaware of their vulnerability. This is why it is important to ensure that the sites you are dealing with are reputable and reliable to ensure your safety and security online, and this goes true most especially on the online casino sites you access to play your favourite games.