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Tips for Gambling on Online Casinos in Indonesia


Indonesia is a land of many contrasts. It has both bustling cities and vast stretches of jungle, and its home to more than 270 million people with diverse backgrounds.

But one thing that Indonesians share in common is their Muslim faith. As such, Indonesia has a gambling ban for all types of activities; this includes casinos online and offline.

This is not to say that Indonesians don't gamble – they just do so through means of other means like the use of VPNs.

The land of the East has a lot to offer, and with such diversity in its culture, it's no wonder that gambling is also available.

While casinos are banned in Indonesia, there are many tourist attractions that have legalized gambling activities. From horse racing to betting on sports events; these spots provide an escape from reality for locals and foreigners alike

The simple answer is no! Indonesia is known for its strict rules and regulations. One of the most common activities in Indonesia that are considered illegal is gambling.

Gambling was declared illegal by Indonesian laws, which also include online gambling, lotteries, casinos, etc.

In the past, there were plans to introduce lotteries but they were soon withdrawn due to protests from the majority of people, who did not want this kind of activity legalized because it could bring up a variety of social problems.

Despite all these bans, players in this country have a different option that they can use to enjoy this exercise for both fun and for real money.

Here are a few tricks to consider:

Where Do People Gamble in Indonesia?

Despite the strict laws and restrictions that have been put in place by the government, gambling is a common thing n Indonesia, and it is firmly entrenched into the people’s hearts.

Underground casinos are thriving in this country, and many gamblers have found solace in them.

Playing Online Casino Games in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia is not a simple matter. The country has strict laws that prohibit any form of gambling, which means no proper online casino sites are operating from Indonesia.

However, other surrounding Asian countries like Thailand and Japan have more relaxed laws when it comes to gambling and as such, they enjoy bigger markets for these activities.

On the other hand, this is not quite easy for Indonesian gamblers, and a majority will need to use a VPN to e able to access online casinos and place bets.


In a country where gambling is still frowned upon, the issue of Indonesia's laws and legislation on gambling has been something that people don't want to discuss. As it stands, Indonesia is still a Muslim-majority populated country.

This doesn't give much optimism in terms of laws and legislations changing anytime soon.

Yet, you can tell this hasn't stopped casino fans in Indonesia with many taking the only option for betting at foreign casinos online. Hopefully, Indonesia will review its laws regarding gambling

There are plenty of licensed and regulated casinos available on the internet today, but if you want to ensure your safety while gambling online, it's important that you use a VPN, and only place real money bets on licensed establishments.

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