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The highest return to playerWelcome on board as we look at RTP, and how you can take advantage of it to win more with online slots.

To start us off, let us define RTP for the benefit of newcomers who may be coming across these initials for the very first time.

Return to Player, popularly known as RTP is a term used in casinos to represent the percentage amount of cash that has been wagered in a casino/slot and what a player can expect back after a certain duration. The higher the RTP is, the better the returns. 

Let us look at an example, with Starburst video slot, you get an RTP of 96.1%.  This means that the house/casino edge is 3.9% and the projected return for a punter is 96.1% of what you stake.

So if you stake £20, you will win back £19.22?

However, this may not be the case after all because if it were, then all slot players would make huge profits.

Theoretical Explanation of RTP

When a developer creates a video slot, they make what is known as the theoretical RTP. During its creation, the RTP is fitted into the slot’s DNA.

Each spin on the slot is determined by an RNG (Random Number Generator). These spins occur randomly and there is no chance of them getting rigged.

To enable casinos to make money with this randomness, there is an inbuilt code that ensures that the casino gets the house edge every time you spin the slots.

Looking back at the Starburst example we had, we can tell that there are no fixed wins or losses because, with each spin, there are varying losses or wins. However, if we continuously spin the slot into infinity, then we stand a chance to get closer to the 96.1 % RTP.

Is There A Way To Prove The RTP Is Correct?

Before 2016, gambling regulators did not put a lot of emphasis on the RTP and the only thing that was required was the testing of a slot’s RTP before it could hit the market.

However, concern arose on the state and quality of slots, and the UK Gambling Commission made an announcement that requires constant monitoring of slots by their developers.

Is There A Connection Between Slot Volatility & RTP?

Yes, these two work hand in hand and as a matter of fact, most players experience varying volatility with even with slots that have the same RTP.  This is because the variance in slots varies, and it can be either, high, low or medium.

High Volatility Slot: This may get confusing but the thing is, do not expect frequent payouts with a high volatility slot. However, when these types of slot pay, the pay is much higher and we can describe this variance as “all or nothing.”

Low Volatility Slot: This variance offers frequent but small wins. Our example, Starburst is also a low variance slot which could be the reason why it’s so popular.

Medium Volatility Slot: With these slots, you can expect volatility to be somewhere in-between.

When a casino is monitoring a video slot, one of the areas that they look into is the RTP performance. They look at the frequency as well as the size of the payouts which they then use to figure out the overall performance (volatility) of the slot.

With this information, a casino can be able to create parameters that will help players when selecting slots.

If it’s a high variance slot, you will generally see lower and higher thresholds that are looser. On the other hand, low variance slots tend to be tighter.

What Makes Progressive Slots Come With Lower RTPs’?

Progressive slot machineIt is common to see progressive slots that have very huge jackpots come with extremely low RTPs (still within the 90’s range).

Most players may not understand the logic behind this. However, every time you trigger the progressive jackpot (very rare), then the slot will need to pay out a humongous amount of cash.

Therefore, these jackpots have to keep a lot of that cash on the side or they may not have enough to pay for that windfall.

To cushion the casino, the game developer lowers the slot’s RTP and keeps some of the percentages away so that they will get enough if somebody hits the jackpot.

Progressive slots are more like the lottery and if you love spinning, then opt to go for non-progressive slot s who’s RTP is much higher. However, if you love a one-off life-changing experience, then you can stick to the progressive jackpots.

Working With a Slot That Has High RTP

First and foremost, it is important to note that a slot with high RTP does not guarantee higher wins. For example, if you place a bet on Starburst with £50, you could easily get much more in a day as compared to a slot like Blood Suckers that has an RTP of 98%.

We are drawn to a slot by different attractions and these could be its move theme or its branded nature. Whatever the case, avoid choosing a slot that has a very low RTP (80% and below) as it makes no economic sense!

We have put together a list of new slots (released in 2019) that offer the highest RTP percentages. With them, you stand better chances of getting value for your money:

  1. Ghostbusters plus-IGT (RTP 98%)

Ghostbusters Plus is a slot from IGT and it comes on 5x3 reels together with up to 20 active lines. The slot has an RTP of 98% and it offers a maximum payout of 12,500 xs.

Given its high RTP, this slot is very populous among both heavy and moderate punters.

Ghostbusters Plus offers up to 25x multipliers for its free spins. Additionally, the slot has a number of wilds in addition to its level-up system that also comes which some great features.

  1. Mega Joker – NetEnt (RTP 99.00%)

How about an incredibly high RTP of 99%? Well, this is very possible with this new release by NetEnt. With Mega Joker, you get many playing options. For example, when you play for the maximum limit, all your inning are shifted to the Supermeter from where you can choose to either save them (press the Collect button) or play additional spins (pressing the Spin button).

  1. European Blackjack Redeal Gold Microgaming (RTP 99.05%)

Microgaming is one of the prominent game developers and it is no surprise that this software developer has released a slot with an RTP of 99.05%.

If you love a game of cards, then you can enjoy an online treat with the slot, European Blackjack Redeal Gold.

You may have come across this type of slot and you probably had a lot of challenges with the dealer. However, for this particular slot, Microgaming programmers have got you covered and they provide you with a Complimentary blackjack variant where you are allowed to re-deal cards out of hand.  

Alternatively, you can use the complimentary to improve your odds as well as boost chances of winning.

  1. Imperial Riches NetEnt (RTP 96.88%)

This slot is heavily inspired by Japanese graphics. If you love fishing, then you will enjoy Imperial Riches that is set up on breath-taking gardens with fish and ponds among other images. Being from NetEnt, you can expect the best features and graphics for this slot.

Imperial Riches is set on15 active lines and the slot has 5 reels on it. It has medium volatility and you may need to consider that before placing a bet.

The maximum earning potential with this slot is 1,000 xs which is equivalent to $30,000.

  1. Arcane Reel Chaos (96.81%)

Another great 2019 release is the Arcane Reel Chaos. This slot is a superhero-themed slot from the king of slots, NetEnt. The slot game joins the long list of excellent games developed by NetEnt.

This super-hero slot is built on 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 20 pay lines. NetEnt allows bets from as low as 20p to as high as £200 for this slot. You can easily play it across all platforms.

  1. The Wolf’s Bane Slot Review (NetEnt) RTP of 96.74%

Jungle adventure lovers its tie to enjoy a werewolf-themed slot with a high RTP.

The Wolf's Bane is a development from NetEnt and the slot features 5x3, with up to 10 pay lines. 

This slot is ideal for players of all levels and betting prices start from the lowest which is 0.10. The maximum price for a single spin is €/£100.

  1. Break Away Deluxe - Microgaming (96.88%)

Break Away Deluxe video slot has a hockey-inspired themed. It is set on 5 reels and up to 88 lines.

You will love the excellent features and graphics of this slot which Microgaming is known for.

Features here include a multiplier (offers up to 3,100xs), Free spins, Growing Wilds as well as Smashing Wilds.


When selecting a slot game with high RTP, go for those that offer free spins and bonus rounds because these are the ones that tend to come with variable RTP.

Alternatively, you can opt to go for slots with buy-in bonus rounds. With such slots, you are allowed to skip the base play, and you head straight to the bonus area. This makes a lot of sense if the slot’s RTP is higher.