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Online slot machinesIf you’ve been wanting to learn how to win consistently at online slots, and have also done your fair share of online research, you might have come across a great deal of advice already! But the important question is, which tips to follow? Well, we did all the hard work for our readers, tried out a great multitude of strategies and have shortlisted some of the best ones that can truly help you win regularly at these online casino games.

Those of you who haven’t played online slots before, the best way to start with them is by availing welcome bonus offers provided by reputed casinos. For instance, you can claim welcome bonus at Wild Jackpots by creating an account with them. This welcome bonus will get you $ 500 worth of playing amount and 50 free spins. You can learn more about this online casino and their offerings by clicking on the link above. Let’s now go over the tips.

Play progressive jackpot slots

Whenever we talk about jackpots in the context of online slots, they are actually two types – network jackpots and local jackpots. While local jackpots refer to the ones which come from the combined pool of players of a specific online slot title, in a specific online casino, progressive jackpot pool is built by players playing a specific online slot game at all the online casinos offering the same slot game. These are the slots you must play if you’re after life-transforming wins. For instance, this UK soldier won a record progressive jackpot of £ 13.2 million by betting only 25p!  

Locate the loose slots

If you listen to the seasoned slot players, they often talk about locating the loose slots. In the conventional slot machines, these are the machines which might potentially deliver huge wins owing to some mechanical defect. This phenomenon is relevant even today in the times of online slots powered by random number generators. In the present day context, you should look out for online slot games’ frequency of pay and for how long they haven’t paid out, to locate such slots. You can also refer to this online slots guide to learn everything about these games and to increase your winning chances.

Don’t shy away from referring to the pay tables

Before deciding to play an online slot game and making a deposit, you must refer to its paytable and carry out some research. All online slot titles have their unique pay tables and sometimes their variations can be very surprising. Furthermore, how well you understand these variations can be the difference between winning a jackpot and going bankrupt.

Should you bet the maximum or not?

Several online casinos recommend betting max to players after jackpots. The logic behind this is that since online slots feature multiple pay lines, whenever you bet max, you are in with a chance to win big from your multiple line winnings. But you should also keep in mind that because of random number generators, your chances of winning and losing remain the same with every spin. Betting the maximum is not going to boost your winning odds.