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Understanding Bonus Bagging and Bonus Abusing

In this article, we will explain why it happens, and what you can do to avoid this rather unfortunate incident.

Often, the phrase “bonus abuse” is interpreted in many different ways. Under some unfortunate circumstances, you may find yourself accused of bonus bagging when you have no idea why that happened to you.

The results could be confiscation of your winnings and sometimes even a total ban from the site. Our main aim here is to ensure that this doesn't happen to you or your gaming friends.

Since time immemorial, many gamblers have taken advantage of the many bonuses offers available. A few years ago, bonus rules were not as tough and strict as they are today. There were very many loopholes, and these are what players took advantage of to beat the house.

Fast forward to today, and there are tons and tons of strict restrictions concerning bonuses. Today, online casinos are very strict and, most of the bonuses are accompanied by complicated terms and conditions.

However, that should not discourage you from embracing bonuses, and by the time you are through with this article, you will be in a much better position to handle the bonuses that are available on online casinos.

Understanding Bonus Bagging/Hunting

This may not be a very familiar term with many players since it is often used by a casino to describe a type of player. Bonus bagging comes in different names such as bonus hunting, and a not very kind word known as bonus whoring.

In simple terms, this means that the player has an advantage over the casino that is providing this bonus, and by accepting and playing with the provided bonuses, the player has a mathematically higher edge over the house. This is what helps the player turn these bonuses into some profits.

A majority of the time, bonus bagging is commonly associated with games like sportsbooks and poker, but it is now common in other games.

There can also be something known as bonus bagging arbitrage, and in this situation, a gambler will place bets on all possible outcomes often referred to as matched betting.

Although this is a guaranteed way of profiting from the bets, it often leads to a total ban across all the casino's networks. It may not be illegal or fraudulent in any way, but it will definitely go against the casino's rules and conditions, resulting in a breach of terms.

What follows afterwards is an outright ban on the casino platform. The most essential thing to do is to obey the laid down rules.

Nearly, all casino bonuses come with terms, and every player who embraces the bonuses must fulfil these rules before they can be allowed to cash out the winnings associated with the bonus.

Casino Whoring

This may not be a very good term but it is a common one used to refer to gamblers who often chase after bonuses, and use the same on poker, Sports Betting or blackjack.

However, when it comes to online casinos, bonus whoring has a different name which is bonus bagging.  A bonus whore hunts down free bonuses and has no intention of playing to deposit any real money.

Still, these two terms share a lot of similarities and their main focus is to make a profit.  The aim will be to meet the free bonus wagering rules and requirements, and immediately cash out any profit realised.

Just as is the case with the bonus bagger there are consequences for this breach of contract, and the terms and conditions are associated with the bonus. These consequences include a refusal to withdraw, in addition to account suspension. However, we hope this guide will help you avoid falling into this unpleasant trap

Bonus Abuse

Online casino

In simple terms, this is using some strategy to gain an edge over the casino with the aim to make a profit, and often, this strategy is repeated several times.

Several years back, gamblers had a way of getting away with this trick since there were very few restrictions surrounding the bonuses. Today, this is not very possible as technology has enabled many casinos to have systems in place where they can easily detect bonus abusers.

Often, many gamblers have been caught and although some have an idea of what they are doing, others who have been caught in the trap are innocent inexperienced gamblers who ignored reading the casinos terms and conditions.

Therefore, always ensure that you read the fine print, especially if you plan on playing in a casino for real money. This will make your future gambling a success.

Creating Multiple Betting Accounts

This is the number one mistake common with bonus abusers, and if you plan on doing it, please just stop. A majority of these bonuses can only be claimed once and often, they are restricted to one IP and one household.

Many gamblers who are trying to bag as many bonuses will work alongside creating multiple accounts with different emails. Their aim is to claim the same bonuses but at different times with different accounts. Obviously, that is a breach of the terms often found in casinos.

Some players may innocently create multiple accounts especially if they have forgotten their previous details. Still, it is hard to convince a casino of this and you might still not be able to cash out your winnings. In other words, innocent or blatant behaviour is not condoned by casinos.

Failure to Meet Wagering/Playthrough Requirements

There is a reason why casinos impose a certain amount of wagering on the bonuses. These requirements must be fulfilled before you can be allowed to withdraw your winnings, and especially if those winnings are associated with a bonus.

A majority of gamblers are well aware of this, but there are still others who will go ahead and attempt to withdraw the cash without meeting these terms.

Obviously, the casino will label you as a bonus abuser, and they will lose their trust in you. Afterwards, your gambling activity in the casino will not be a smooth one.

Remember, as a real-money gambler, you are using your hard-earned cash and the best step to take is to do things the right way. Take 5 minutes of your time to read and understand how the casino works.

Claiming the Same Bonus a Couple of Times

As I have just mentioned, a majority of online casino bonuses can be claimed only once. A good example is a welcome bonus.

This is the most common bonus and many casinos will have some technology put in place to enable them to detect any player who tries to claim the welcome bonus more than one time.

However, although you may be lucky to pass this step and manage to claim one bonus more than one time, you will have problems trying to withdraw the money.

The account will be flagged and this is a ticket to be classified as a bonus abuser. Your winnings will likely be confiscated, additionally, many casinos will instantly ban you from any future bonuses, or have your account permanently blocked altogether.

However, if you happen to do this by mistake, you can consult the customer service of the casino and explain your case.

Placing Large Bets Using Bonus Money

Occasionally you win more if you put more, but that also comes with a huge risk because if you happen to lose, the fall will be much harder.

Some players or gamblers for this matter take a bonus and imagine that placing huge bets will help them beat the system, and collect a lot of money, but they are likely going to fail miserably.

There is no known cheat sheet for any casino game. A casino offering new bonuses just want you to try and enjoy their games with a couple of extra funds. But if you accept a bonus from a casino and place huge amounts of bets, you will be flagged as a bonus abuser.

This is one of the reasons why many casinos impose a maximum bet for players using bonus funds: however if it is your own real cash, you are unlikely going to deal with these restrictions.

Not Picking the Eligible Games

A majority of casino bonuses are targeted to slots players, therefore, they come with their own terms and conditions which are restrictive to games like poker. One of the reasons is because these games have a lower house edge and are very attractive to bonus baggers.

As a matter of fact, a casino is likely going to make more profit from you if you play slots and not table games. With the help of modern technology, casinos can use software and detect if you're using or playing restricted games or not.

Although some players claim to have gotten away with it, if the casino happens to discover it, you will be flagged as a bonus abuser. You will have a lot of problems trying to cash out that money.

So, the bottom line is, read all the terms associated with bonuses and the eligible games and you will not have any problems with the casino.

How to Avoid Becoming a Bonus Abuser

The points that we have noted above are some of the most common tricks used by gamblers to abuse the bonus. However, if you want to remain in good books with the casino, you need to avoid them at all costs.

Below are a few tips that can help you stay out of trouble with your casino:

Read, Understand, and Respect Casino's Policies

We could not be clearer! it is paramount that you read the terms and conditions attached to every casino that you intend to work with. This is especially important to players who want to embrace the bonus.

It may appear like a lot of work or a waste of time, but trust us it's not. Remember, a casino is also in business and they will not make the path easy for you either. This explains why they always have a higher house edge over the gamer.

Still, you can also play your part by reading and respecting their conditions, since you're also using the hard-earned cash that you don't want to throw around.

Understand the Wagering Requirements

Wager requirements

Another very important thing that you need to understand with these bonuses is the wagering terms attached. What is the point of taking a bonus yet you have no clue on how to best wager the same?

The most important thing to do is to be clear about the wagering: obviously, all the available bonuses attract some level of wagering, but the number of times that you're supposed to wager will vary from casino to casino.

For starters, wagering is the number of times that the casino requires you to wager the bonus before you can be allowed to withdraw.

It is also important that you confirm whether the wagering requirement is set for the bonus only or the bonus plus the deposit. Most players prefer the type of wagering that requires the bonus only as the other option is seen as a double requirement.

Final Thoughts

Casino bonuses can be very profitable but you need to handle them in the right manner. Be positive, and use the provided terms and conditions to your advantage. Place your bets within the rules and you will have no problems with your withdrawals.

In a simple explanation, casino bonuses are like the adage that says scratch my back I scratch yours!

Obey the casino rules, and you will enjoy your betting sessions with no worry of getting suspended or dealing with unforeseen limitations.

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