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  1. 📌 The Benefits
UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley

Wazdan Increases Volatility LevelsWith this latest innovation from Wazdan, casino operators are now able to offer games that have a default Volatility Level™ of their choice. For instance, a casino can unveil a high volatility product intended for VIP players, or a low volatility one for casual players. All of them will be handled by both the casino manager and the supplier.

As we all know, high volatility in games has the potential to deliver bigger but far in between wins, while low volatility offers smaller frequent wins.

Players desiring a more balanced experience can opt for the Standard option, in which the magnitude and frequency of wins are fixed, resulting in a more even playing field.

The Benefits

Volatility Levels™ have more in store for the players in the sense that partners get more control over retention, and just one game is capable of offering multiple gameplay choices via its adjustable volatility. This makes such games appealing to many more players.

Casino management will be able to control the level of volatility they use, allowing them to have three versions of the same game available at any given time. This will allow them to provide a more diversified range of gaming experiences based on player preferences.

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan stated that “We stand apart in the industry as the only supplier to offer games with three different levels of volatility. Now by extending that level of customization to Casino Managers, we’re able to bring added value to operators through this unique feature.

“Strengthening our relationship with operator partners is key, and this marks another positive step for us and our popular adjustable features.”

Wazdan’s unique approach to Volatility Levels™ has not gone unnoticed, and recently, it has received a nomination for the Industry Innovation of the Year award in the upcoming SBC Latinoamerica Awards.