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When it comes to choosing casino bonuses, there are several ways to find them. Of course, you can directly log onto the site where you wish to gamble. However, many players sign up at a site after finding the best bonus offers. Again, there are gamblers who wish to try their luck at different casinos on a particular day.  This helps them experience gambling at different sites at once; it also helps them decide which gambling domain they wish to register and become a member at.

Different Types of Bonuses

If you are new to online gambling and the world of casino bonuses, it is best to know more about them and what to expect before you try your hand at one:

  • Welcome Bonuses

This is the most common category that you will find at most casino sites. Every site tries to woo customers by offering something special. Select your favorite bonus in the top 100 online casinos overview. Here are the subcategories of welcome bonus offers:

  • Matching Bonus Money

This is the main attraction of most welcome offers. Most casinos offer a certain percentage of the initial deposit that new members make at the sites. This can vary from 100% to 200% or more. Also, many welcome offers are multi-tier schemes. That is, a new player gets matching bonuses for the first few consecutive deposits they make.

  • Free Spins

This is another component of welcome offers. Some casinos offer free spins mostly. However, others usually combine the same with welcome bonus money. Free spins are usually given on single or selected slot games. They need to be used up within a certain time span. The wins from free spins also need to be wagered a certain number of times before they can be withdrawn.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This is yet another offer that welcomes strangers to new casino sites. It allows visitors to the sites to simply register with their email address and take up a bonus offer. It usually comprises free spins. This allows them to try their hand at a few new slot games on the site. They can also withdraw a certain amount of their wins. This allows new players to decide whether they wish to register and take up more offers and gamble on the site with their own money.

  • Reload Bonuses

This is another form of bonus that is common for existing players at a site. Many casinos encourage players to return to their sites and make fresh deposits. They offer to reload bonuses that are usually a certain percentage of the deposit money.

  • Cash Back Offers

This is yet another common and popular bonus for existing casino site members. These are usually weekly offers that help set back the losses that members encounter during the week before with real money wagers.

  • VIP Programs

This is yet another scheme to keep players engaged at a site and to come back and wager regularly at the site. Most casinos offer a scheme whereby players get comp points every time they wager real money on the games. As they accumulate points they go up the ladder of the loyalty or VIP program of a site. Some casinos make it exclusive by offering VIP status to the members, as per the high roller skates that they place on these websites.

Where to Look for Casino Bonuses?

Here are some ways you can select and compare some of the best available bonuses at casinos:

  • Coupon Sites

There are several dedicated websites that showcase the latest and best offers at online casinos. When you are hunting for the best offers, these domains would be best to look at. They have a list of welcome offers that list bonuses as per the percentage of money offered, whether free spins are included, and wagering terms as well.

  • Casino Sites

If you have a favorite gambling domain then you knows has some of the best offers, you could check back at this domain regularly. Of course, to take up any offer you would have to be registered at the website first.

  • Review Forums

This is yet another way to find the best casino bonuses in town. There are sites that review casinos in general while some offer reviews on casino bonuses particularly. Hence, you can look up information at these forums to know which casino would be worth checking out.

Guidelines on Choosing the Right Casino Bonus

Though every casino domain offers bonuses of different kinds, here are some tips that can help you decide which ones would work best:

  • Check Wagering Terms

This is one way to differentiate a good bonus offer from another one; for instance, a bonus that comes with 10 to 15 times wagering term is much more reasonable than one with a 30 or more wagering term requirement.

  • Combined Offers

Bonus money along with free spins is a good offer to take up, as compared to a bonus that offers either or.

  • Register to Enjoy Better Offers

Welcome offers of the best kind, as well as recurring bonuses, are best enjoyed as registered members of the casino site. When you register an account at a site this enables them to notify you of their numerous offers. Also, the sites can send you special offer which you can avail of only as a registered member.

  • Check Back and Deposit from Time to Time

To make the most of casino bonuses it is best to check back in and make deposits in your account. You can do so from time to time, as per seasonal offers or to make the most of holiday bonuses.


There are many ways to find online casino bonuses these days. However, comparing these at review forums is the best way to make the right, informed choice. Then only can you end up with the right offer and make the most of the bonus that you take up.