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Why do casinos offer new players bonuses?

Finding the right online casino can be tricky. There are so many options out there, all of which claim to be the best. A common strategy online casinos use to entice new players is offering a welcome bonus. Who wouldn’t want some free money to play with?

Most of the time, welcome bonuses require you to register an account and make a minimum deposit to be eligible for the bonus. Sometimes, new players are unsure about committing some of their own money before they are familiar with the casino. This is why more online casinos are starting to offer no deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonus vs No deposit bonus

Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses as an incentive for new players to register an account. The downside of these welcome bonuses is that you cannot claim them without first depositing a minimum amount of money. This sometimes deters new players from creating accounts as they do not yet know if they like the casino. A better way to invite new players is to offer welcome bonuses that do not require a deposit to claim them.

A no deposit bonus gives new players the opportunity to play with the casino’s money while they get comfortable with the casino. This helps new players feel more confident in their bets because they don’t have to worry about losing their own money right away. 

How to claim a no deposit bonus

Claiming a no deposit bonus is pretty straightforward. The first step is registering an account with the online casino. Creating your account often requires providing your first and last name, email address, street address, date of birth, and preferred currency. After registering your account and verifying your email address, you can now access the no deposit bonus.

When claiming the bonus, be sure to read the entirety of the terms and conditions. Often, no deposit bonuses have strict rules regarding which games you can use the bonus on. It is important to read through the terms of the bonus, so you don’t lose out on any potential winnings.


If you are looking for an excellent online casino to play at, keep an eye out for casinos that offer a no deposit bonus to new players. These kinds of promotions are a great thing to take advantage of while you find your favourite casino. There is no reason to pass up a chance to gamble with the casino’s money instead of your own.

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