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SSL for online casinosOnline casino gaming is a profitable activity that you can carry out without much risk. With casinos like Casoo offering up to €2000 and a total of 200 Free Spins, you have no excuse not to try your hand in this ever lucrative industry.

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However, before you continue, have you ever wondered what really makes up the internet?

In the simplest terms, the Internet is basically a web of computers that are interconnected although they are located in different parts of the world. For example, if you want to gain access to a particular website (maybe an online casino); you click your very own web browser which in return sends a ‘request’ to a server (a large-scale computer which is the host to the site you are visiting).

However, before the request that you have sent out hits the other end, it will have to pass through many other servers or networks.

If you access the internet with an unencrypted link, you risk exposing your data and private information from one webserver to the next. This is why hackers are able to easily get hold of private information. In addition to the hackers, your content could fall into other hands like and a site administrator could use your own information for their own gain.

Imagine revealing your banking credentials to a third party? That’s why all reputable web servers need to employ extra caution and this is where a web security protocol known commonly referred to as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) comes into play.

SSL means your data is well secured. For example, if you use a non-encrypted link, your information will be easily readable like:

Username=MaryJones, password=jonesandmary

However, if you use the encrypted version, it will appear something like


The main advantage with the SSL encrypted link is that the only place where your details are revealed is on your own browser and web server you intend to visit. Given the personal details that most online casinos require from players, it is very important for these casinos to use the best form of SSL encryption so as to ensure maximum protection of the players’ data.

How to Tell If an Online Casino Is Encrypted

Now that we have talked about why encryption is of utmost importance, now let’s learn how you can be able to tell whether a casino is safe to use or not.

How to Tell If an Online Casino Is EncryptedOne of the easiest ways is by checking the URL bar which you can locate on the topmost area of your web browser's window. Almost all modern versions of major browsers display either a small padlock or a green icon and in some, you will see an address bar that the browser uses to verify a safe browser-to-server connection.

The other way is by checking if the URL of the web address you intend to open begins as Http://, if this is the case; the website in question is not secure.  On the other hand, if it starts with https:// (an ‘s’ is included) then this is a form of encryption and you can comfortably visit the webpage.

Different browsers use different versions of encryption but each one confirms the security of the website. Below we take a look at the common browsers and how you can use them to check websites credibility:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. To test your online casino, just make a simple google search that will redirect you to the webpage in question. Once on the page, check the main URL toolbar and lookout for a small green padlock.

When you click on the padlock, you will get a down menu that comes with two options. These two are either ‘Permissions’ or ‘Connections’.           When you click on ‘Connections’, information similar to the one below pops up:

“Your connection to www.xxxxx.com is encrypted with obsolete cryptography. The connection uses TLS 1.2. The connection is encrypted using RC4_128, with SHA1 for message authentication and ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.”

Some connection does not show “with obsolete cryptography”, and you may come across words like “with modern technology”, but it means the same thing.


Firefox uses a small padlock just like Google Chrome.  To view the encryption; click on the padlock and it will take you to ’More Information’. From there, you will be able to view every encryption detail together with the certificates. This also includes the version and strength of digital encryption.


Safari is another common browser and if it is what you use for your browsing activities, this is how you check a website's encryption: basically, you just follow the usual method of clicking on the small padlock. However, with safari, the padlock is located in the middle part of the URL toolbar. After this undertaking, you will be able to see a small window that indicates the site's encryption. You also have the option to check the certificate.

Understanding SSL and TLS Certification

Online security had greatly improved and the two most modern security protocols are SSL and TLS.  With these two, any sensitive data is well secured and if a casino uses either of them, then you can rest assured that your information will not fall into the wrong hands.

SSL Certificates

SSL is an online certificate that authenticates the communication between the server and client (for our case, we can say Internet browser and the online casino). This is done or the sole purpose of securing the connection. SSL works with the help of an asymmetric key as well as a public key.

TLS Protocols

TLS works the same way as its counterpart, the SSL; however, TLS is a more modern type of security which is what the latest online casinos use. Different casinos use different terms when using the TLS protocol and you may come across different names like SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, or TLS 1.2. All of them are strong versions of security and the only difference is in the different needs on each online casino.

What is Encryption Strength?

By now, you have an understanding of what data encryption technology is and how SSL and TLS security protocols work. You may now be wondering what 128-bit or 256-bit keys are since these digits are also common in encryption.

In the details above, we have mentioned some steps on how to find a website’s encryption technology certification. If this is something you have already tried, you may have seen a statement that read something like ‘the connection is encrypted using RC4_128, with SHA1 for message authentication and ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism” or in other cases “Connection Encrypted (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA, 256-bit keys, TLS 1.2”. The length of such a statement should not really bother you and your only interest should be the number that appears with it.

128-Bit Vs 256-Bit Digital Encryption Technology

With the above example, you will notice that the two encryptions consist of a number each. The numbers are 128 and 256 respectively. These numbers are what represent the website’s encryption strength. This translates to 128-bits and 256-bits and it is a technical way of saying that, it would take more than 100 years to crack a 128-bit key and even a much longer period for the one with a 256-bit key.

Why Should I Play At Encrypted Online Casinos?

The one major reason why you need to play on encrypted casinos is to guarantee the safety of your Internet connection. If you follow the steps above, you will be able to know the security of the online casino as well as the security strengths.

What Do You Need to Do If Your Connection is Not Secure?

Considering that websites and the internet at large is one of the most assessed things around the world, it is important to think about the information you are sending out there and the risk it bears.

What Do You Need to Do If Your Connection is Not SecureLook at it this way:

If your internet is not secure and you log into your bank account, you will enable a hacker to get hold of all your banking information and the results thereafter will be catastrophic! To keep your information safe, never log into an online bank account if there is no encrypted connection.

You’re your credit card/e-wallet to make a purchase is another common thing among many internet users. However, there is also a huge risk associated with their use because if your credit card falls into the wrong hands, then they can spend all your funds without even your knowledge. Avoid using your credit cards on a connection that is not encrypted.

Avoid logging into your poker or online casino whose internet is none encrypted. Apart from hackers accessing your personal data, there is a possibility of them logging into your casino account and stealing your money.


All reputable online casinos possess a gaming license that is only issued by either the government of the country the casino operates from or by a powerful regulating organisation. Always ensure you choose an online casino that is duly registered by the relevant bodies.

If a casino is safe and they are not afraid of their work, they will proudly showcase their credibility and safety measures to guarantee the customers of their safety.

Another measure that you can take into consideration is looking up for reviews from other users. If a casino tries to push some funny business to their users, they will call it out. Fast.