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Yggdrasil To The Top With Their Latest Release Raptor Doublemax

Yggdrasil Ascents to The Top Of The Food Chain With Their Latest Release, Raptor Doublemax

The latest slot game from Yggdrasil, Raptor Doublemax, is an interesting take on the classic hunt for food theme. The game has a wild prehistoric setting with raptors and other great dinosaurs as prizes.

Players can join in this dangerous pursuit by spinning its high volatility reel set to go large or go home. It’s worth taking a look at what you might be missing out on if you don’t get in now!

The recently launched online slot game, The Raptor Doublemax Slot, is a great way to take your free time and have some fun with it.

With 25 pay lines, players can expect more winning opportunities than usual thanks to cascading reels that drop even more giant dinosaurs into view after every win.

Doublemax is a slot game that rewards the player with free spins if they land three or more scatter symbols. The players are then given the option to gamble before using their free spins, and winning will award them with more free spins, whilst losing will demolish those received, and the cycle continues.

There are many features in this game that can help the player win big! The golden bet doubles the chance to trigger free spins and it also increases the stake by 25%. If you want more opportunities to win big, then enable the golden bet.

In certain particular zones, free spins are available for purchase during the game.

“Raptor Doublemax™ gives valiant fans a chance to demonstrate power and determination as they gamble for more in this enrapturing slot, with the constant chance to win huge prizes. With the dropdown feature of the game, wild symbols occur more often, as does the chance to secure more wins. Raptor offers a truly exciting and player-centric mechanical experience, and I am confident that Raptor will resonate well with our partners, and their player communities”

- Stuart McCarthy, Head of Product and Programs, Yggdrasil Gaming

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